Education This brought to the need of expressing themselves,

                     Education and learning system


Learning is a part of our life since we are little babies.
We start learning how to spell a single word, take the first steps or answer a
simple question by our parents or siblings. Thus, they are our first teachers.
But, how important is it to keep learning effectively as we grow older? How has
methodology changed with the passing of time? How has technology influenced our
ways of learning?

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Well, it is obvious to admit that in the past,
speaking derived from the need for communication. People had to exchange ideas,
express their opinion or even ask for help. This brought to the need of
expressing themselves, firstly by using signs and then words. As the years went
by, people perfected their way of speaking and communicating with each other.
This was the positive result of a system called education. It started from the
kindergarden to the academic studies. Of course, each level has its own
objectives and difficulties. For instance, imagine little children who face a
foreign language for the first time. They have a natural aptitude for picking
up new words- for imitating and pronouncing them with remarkable accuracy. They
enjoy using them in simple sentences including rhymes, songs or short poems. In
fact, they learn fast but forget fast, so it needs a lot of revision. This
requires lots of patience and determination. Moreover, children learn more day
by day adding new information to the existing one step by step. In this way,
the learning system should always be up to date, in order not to become boring
or repetitive.

In the past, the traditional method of teaching was
very common. It directed students to learn through memorization and recitation
techniques thereby not developing their critical thinking, problem-solving and
decision-making skills. The traditional schools generally used to stress basic
educational practices and expected mastery of academic learning in the core
subjects of math, reading, science and social studies. They were

Nowadays the methodology of teaching has changed.
The most frequent term used is student-centered learning. It compasses methods
of teaching that shifts the focus of instruction from the teacher to the
student. It puts students interests first, 
acknowledging student voice as central to the learning experience.
Student-centered classrooms are big as collaboration, which means they don’t
usually have rows of desks facing a teacher. Instead, desks are arranged so
that it is easy for students to collaborate on projects or assignments, rather
than listening to teachers. What students learn, how they learn it and how
their learning is assessed, are all credits of individual student’s need and

Another successful reason for effective learning
system is technology. It has improved the relationships between teachers and
students. Technology helps make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun.
Whether we like it or not, it is all around us. Students like to be interactive
and learning through technology has become part of their lifestyle. Even for
teachers, it is now considered a necessity for the learning environment. With
the integration of technology in education, teachers and students have the
ability to slow down and go back over lessons and concepts or illustrate better
the information with different audio-visual methods. Computers, tablets and
other forms of technology, bring multiple resources for teachers that are not
in the book. Technology can even help students to research work for their
projects at school.

To summerize, education and learning system have
really been improved in the recent years. People are becoming more aware of the
importance of being well-educated and are investing a lot in it. They already
know the benefits they will have in the future. Fortunately, the new education
strategies and the developing technology, are making our life easier.




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