“Education keeps on its current pace, it will not

“Education is the most powerful weapon in which you can use to change the world,” (Nelson Mandela). This line was spoken by Nelson Mandela, the former South African President. He spoke these words in a speech that was pushing to improve education and health in South Africa.  My take on this quote is the importance of education. Above all the guns, bombs, and recently, ballistic missiles, the power of having knowledge and a voice to be heard, trumps all weapons that man has created. Yet some children don’t have this voice or sense of knowledge because they didn’t get the opportunity hone their skills. It is disheartening to think that if the world keeps on its current pace, it will not be until 2084 for every child in the world to have access to a complete K-12 education, (Global Education Monitoring Report). This statistic is unacceptable. That means I will be 81 years old when the very first little boys and girls starting kindergarten can say that there is no question they are finishing high school and getting that diploma they so rightfully earned.  That is why I believe that every child should have access to a quality education no matter their socio-economic status. The United States is ranked 20th in the 2017 World’s Best Education System Report. This report looked at 20 countries overall. Finland has held the title as the country with the world’s best education system since 2000. In the latest report, they are ranked 6th in math, 2nd in science, and 3rd in reading. To compare the two countries, the US is ranked 30th in math, 23rd in science, and 17th in reading, (Centre For Education Reform). If we are being transparent, the top strategies that the government needs to address in order to create some form of positive change in the school system is, putting an emphasis on recruiting, training and supporting teachers, create access to free, high-quality education in every state, and change the way we “test” students in the classroom. We need to bridge the gap between public and private school test scores. In 2017, the average SAT score for Hawaii’s public schools was 1085 points, (SAT/ACT Online Guides). For Hawaii’s private schools, the average was 1238 points, (Private School Review). Lawmakers need to put more money into the public school system to ensure that students attending public school, have the ability and the means to score equal to or higher than private school students. We need to change the way we think about education. Steer away from the traditional school environment, and instead look at new ways of teaching the new generation. Education is what is going to teach our children how to deal with different people, cultures, and problems that will face them in the future. It has the power to teach the specific skills necessary to lead our world to the changes it so desperately needs. People may argue that yes, education is important, but there are more pressing issues facing our government that need more attention and funding. I argue that there is NOTHING more important than education and investing in our youth. They are our future.   Every child should have the right to a quality education no matter their socio-economic status. I truly believe that teachers have the most important job in the world, that is to prepare our youth for what’s yet come. The U.S spends more money educating students than any other nation, (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). The problem is not how much we are spending, but the way in which we spend it. The government needs to look inside the system, prioritize what needs the most attention, and take action on it. People like Michelle Obama, Bill Gates, and Oprah are all advocates for education. We can sit back and watch these celebrities push for change, or WE can actively be the change that is the difference between a bleak future or a reality where all have an opportunity to succeed.