ealthcare Legislative Branch is an authoritative branch that orders

ealthcare Crisis Medical Marijuana

Currently in the United States around 29 of 50 U.S. states
and DC have legalized the use of medical marijuana.  Many medical professional believe the use of
medical marijuana can be beneficial to treat the symptoms of many diseases and
conditions such as cancer, AIDS, epilepsy and many more not to mention.  Many of these professional continue to fight
for its use by claiming that medical marijuana has been used throughout the
world and throughout history as medical treatment for many conditions.

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Other Medical professionals believe that medical marijuana
is dangerous and can be addictive.  Many
also state it is a gateway to the use of many other hard core drugs.  In addition to all the calm it is also
believed that it can impair one’s ability to drive while under the
influence.  Lastly it is also believed
that its use can cause harm to the lungs, immune and brain.

American Government

I           In the American Constitution there
are different branches of government one not more powerful than the other so
that they can check and balance each other. 
The federal, State and local are all similar. 


            This Legislative Branch is an authoritative branch that orders
enactment, affirms or rejects Presidential arrangements, and has the specialist
to proclaim war.  It incorporates
Congress and helps administrations to Congress.  American citizens have the right to vote for
the Senators and Representatives of their choice.  Each State has two Senators equaling 100 for
all 50 states and they do six year terms and can do multiple terms.  The House of Representatives have 435 Representatives
they are spread throughout 50 states in extent to their aggregate populace.
There are extra non-voting delegates who speak to the District of Columbia and
the domains. A Representative serves a two-year term, and there is no
restriction to the quantity of terms an individual can serve.


            The Executive branch is the branch that issues laws and
upholds them.  It is comprised of the
President, Vice President and other offices and boards and just like the
Legislative branch American can vote for their officials.  The President is the head of the states and
of the Military.  He is also responsible
for making and enforcing laws made by Congress.


            The Judicial Branch is the legal branch that dissects
laws and make sure they are not in violation of our constitution.  The Supreme Court is the highest court in the
U.S. and is nominated by the President. 
It has 9 members a Chief Justice and eight associate justices.  The justices have no fixed term and can serve
until terminated or retire. 


            The states are in charge of the considerable number of
ranges not recorded as government duties. In any case, regularly both levels of
government are included and the government will offer cash to the states to do
their projects. State governments get subsidizing from various sources
including income from the elected Goods and Services Tax and state-based
expenses, imposes and charges.  State is
set up much like the federal government which has legislative, Executive and
Judicial functions.


   The local government system are more inclined
to get in detail involved with issues of the people. There are Committees and
boards and a Mayor is the head council. The chamber of commerce makes nearby
laws that reflect group needs and guarantees they can represent their range.  All laws and some ordinances have to be
approved by the State.


conclusion the use of medical marijuana may have it benefits for some but also
has its down fails as well.  Some will
say it can be used to lessen the symptoms of many conditions while other urges
that its use is just a way for the government to start allowing the legalization
of other drugs into society.  Some also
fight that other drug does the same thing and there is really no need to
legalize it.  All in all, the use of
medical marijuana if used correctly to  treat conditions in a controlled environment
could defiantly be a medical use.  On the
other hand the government will have to control its use or it could get out of