E once they login 4. Customers can view/edit/add their

commerce website for Book Store

to develop and implement centralized E-commerce website for XYZ book store.

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·       XYZ
has 10 physical book stores in Virginia.

·       To
expand their business, they need online selling systems.

·       XYZ
management needs an E-commerce centralized website.

project Stages:

Pre-stage Planning

E-commerce design & implementation

Capacity building & support


·       Requirement

·       Client
Requirement List

·       Technical

·       Stakeholder

·       Risk

·       Activity
Planning & Gannt Chart

·       Budget

·       Cost
Benefit Analysis

Requirement List:

·       Customer

will be able to register to the website as a member. Once they show interest in
creating an account then they will be directed to signup page where they will
be asked to fill various fields to fill their personal data to create their own
profile. They need to fill a captcha to finish their signup. This customer will
be assigned automatically as account manager for that account.

·       Functions
of customers:

the account is activated customers can do following tasks

1.     Customer
can login/register with the credentials.

2.     New
customers can register by filling required fields like full name, email id,
phone number in signup page.

3.     Customers
can view the data they entered once they login

4.     Customers
can view/edit/add their details to their profile

5.     Customers
can ask for username or password if they forget username or password or both,
details will be emailed to the registered mail id.

6.     Customers
can change the password

7.     Customers
can also enable two-step verification for their account in account privacy setting.

8.     Customers
can easily search for the books they are interested in by using keywords like book
name, author name, published by, books related to subject, once the results
appear they can sort them by using filters like rating, popularity, price range,

9.     Customers
will provided with a facility to read the introduction or preface of the book or
few pages of the book they select, so that customers will get an idea to decide.

10.  Customers
will be provided with options like paperback, hardcover, kindle, mp3 cd, audio
book formats. They can buy any format as per their convenience.

11.  Customers
can also see the events information posted by admin.

12.  Customers
can rate the books and they can also write reviews of that book in the website.

13.  Customers
can easily add the books to the shopping cart and place order online, they can
also view the order status online by logging into their account.

14.  Customers
can also pay for their orders by using integrated payment gateway on the website

15.  Customers
will be given option to select different shipping methods and will be charged

16.  Customers
will be asked every time before placing order to confirm whether to ship to
default shipping address or new address to avoid order cancellations due to
change in delivery address.

17.  Customers
can also track the shipment details through integrated shipping gateway on the

18.  Customers
will be notified about order confirmation through email. This will contain
order number and estimated date of delivery and number of items and details of
those items in the placed order.

19.  Customers
will be given option to share the website in social networking sites like Facebook,
twitter etc.,

20.  Customers
will be provided with online chat option and they can see FAQ on the website for
basic questions.

·       Products

catalogue will have following

1.     Book

2.     Price

3.     Author

4.     Book

5.     A
sub-category, if necessary

6.     Ratings

7.     Add
to cart

·       Product

1.     Book
name and model number

2.     Brief
description of the book

3.     Price

4.     About

5.     Primary
image file

6.     Secondary
image files

7.     Keywords
to use with the search

8.     Related
books/cross-selling opportunities

9.     Reviews/testimonials

10.  Publisher

·       Shopping

cart will be having following features for customer convenience

1.     Customers
can place order once the review the shopping cart

2.     Customers
will be provided with option buy now or save for later

3.     Customers
can check their order history and order status

4.     Shopping
cart is available temporarily for guest checkout and permanent cart for existing

5.     Option
to save their payment method and payment details

6.     Can
edit/remove or review the payment method, card details, shipping and billing
address, shipping options

7.     can
change the quantity and buying format before placing order

8.     can
add promotion code or gift card

·       Shipping.

will be giving to choose between different types shipping methods for their
purchases and will be charged accordingly. Once customer pay for the order
placed and shipping charges then the client will ship items to customers. Integrated
Shipping Gateway will provide customers to track their shipping status in the

·       Payment

can pay through integrated secure payment gateway provided in the website which
will make transactions very easy for customers and clients.

·       Social
Media Integration:

website is linked to different social networking websites, customers can share
the book or reviews about the book on their social media pages. Customers can
also subscribe for newsletters by providing email id so that they will be
notified if any new book is uploaded based on their previous search history. Customers
always provided with option to unsubscribe from these newsletters.


contact us page will have the following

1.     Chat

2.     Contact
us form which will ask to fill the name, email id and question regarding?

3.     Head
office address and phone number and business hours.

4.     Other
physical store locations and their address and business hours


           In this section all the frequently
asked questions will be answered and will be categorized for         easy
access of customers.


·       Administrative

panel need to update the front-end data in website and manages backend data. The
key functions of administrative panel are

1.     Customers
Management: Admin will be able to manage the customers of the online website,
admin can also add/delete the customers from database, admin will approve or reject
the customer registrations based on the information given this will protect
fraud transactions, admin can view the full list of customers and he can
activate or deactivate the accounts based on customer requests.

2.     Product
Management: Admin will be able to manage the categories and sub categories on
the website, admin will be able to modify/ add/ delete the categories and sub
categories, admin can view list of categories and sub categories available in
the website in one place, admin can also hide some categories or sub categories
when they are not required and can also unhide when its required and admin
always add/ delete the books depends upon the stock availability.

3.     General
Management: This includes the management of shipping, reviews, events and
inventory. Admin needs to make sure customers are able to track their shipping
details, and need to monitor the reviews posted by customers because sometimes there
is huge chance of getting unappropriated reviews posted by people which will
result in sales.

4.     Order
Management: Admin can manage the orders received by customers and once they
packed and shipped he need to update the inventory list. Once order is dispatched
he can move the order into finished orders so that new orders placed will be
going for dispatch. Admin can view list of all the orders received by website, so
he can prioritize which ones will dispatch first. Admin should make sure once
order is placed successfully then customer should get email notification about order

5.     Content
Management: Admin can edit the website as per the requirement like he can change/delete
the pictures, videos and text to make website more attractive to customers. He can
upload recent events, pictures, videos and to give more information to

6.     Reports
Management: Admin can generate reports in printable format for list of
customers, payment reports, sales reports, inventory reports, order status reports.
Admin can sort this list by using filters like date, name, price, categories.
These reports can be exported to excel, tableau etc.,

Requirement Analysis:

1.     Design
standards: Designing web application is not just adding some good-looking graphics
or flash components, it needs to have much experience to make it run smoothly. We
will ensure that by designing the website to make sure that the web pages will
appear without horizontal scroll bar in all resolutions, we will also make sure
this web page is compatible with all popular web browsers available in the
market. We will also make sure uniform navigation in all web browsers. We will
also make sure customers can view our website on mobile browsers as well as
they can install our app from app store or google play store.

2.     Testing
standards:  We will make sure all our
online services go through attentive testing process so that it will be 100%
bug free for use of customers. All the standard methods of white and black box
testing are used to achieve this,

Test cases will be prepared based on the
design and functionality

Make sure it under go a cosmetic bug test
before delivery

Test the embedded links thoroughly to make
sure it is error free

Implement cascade style sheets(CSS) for each

All code will complaint to W3C.

3.     Delivery
standards: Expected delivery standards are

Directly hosting on to servers mentioned
by XYZ book store and deploys the application and database

A brief document which contains all the details
of the files and database structures will be released after successful launch
of the website.

We will also deliver the complete source
code with database script in form of PATCH

All the copyrights to the website will be
held by XYZ book store