Dr. to come and see other student’s art pieces

Dr. G. W. Williams Secondary School will be having a “World of Art” gallery display located on 39 Dunning Ave in Aurora on May 19th, 2017. The event will start at 10:00am and it will end at 1:00pm.We will display a wide range of art variety created by Dr. G. W. Williams’s students who put a considerable amount of effort in order to make these amazing masterpieces. Our target markets are talented artist students and those who like buying arts for home and store decoration and people who get inspired by a piece of art that makes them motivated towards a goal. We are proposing to have a cross promotion with Aurora cultural center, where both school and organization will benefit from it.  Benefits for Aurora cultural center is that they will gain original handmade arts made by Williams’s students with a reasonable price and will be able to display them in their own local galleries and will be able to sell them by offering a more expensive price regarding money benefits. They might find interest in Dr. G. W. Williams’s students by acknowledging their skills and agreeing on training them to become professional artists. Aurora cultural center will also gain a high reputation by certifying students as artists in order to gain more students from various school. They will also gain reputation by offering original art works with high quality and decent pricing strategies to consumers that are interested in art works. Aurora cultural center will be able to make their own students involved as well to come and see other student’s art pieces and compare their skills and art styles in order to become familiar and gain creative ideas in order to create a better art piece and presenting it in their local gallery display. Benefits for Dr. G. W. Williams is that they will gain reputation and fame by presenting their talented students and the art that they are capable of making for Aurora cultural center. Williams will also be able to gain money from selling art to Aurora cultural center and raise charity for different purposes. Dr. G. W. Williams will have this opportunity to have their students trained and become involved with local communities. Creating the “World of Art” gallery and getting students and other local communities involved will be a great source of motivation for students in order to use this chance that the school is offering to prove themselves by trying their best and showing their art to Aurora cultural center in order to gain their attention and be trained by them. Dr. G. W. Williams will be displaying a variety of arts like Post-Impressionism, Fauvism, Futurism, Vorticism, Constructivism, Supremacism, and De Stijl, which will attract other individuals with various art interests. Do grace the “World of Art” with your presence and our large range of art variety, and how our talented students will inspire and interest you. We are looking forward to this cross promotion and how both school and organization will benefit from it.