DON’T walkingBack pain coming down to your legsTingling, numbness

                                                        DON’T   NEGLECT  YOUR  BACK  PAIN             CONSULT   YOUR   SPINE  SPECIALIST   TO  LIVE  HAPPY  LIFE                                              Dr. VIshnudas Khandade                                              Consultant Orthopaedic and Spine SurgeonToday we all are living in era of digital world and speed. We don’t have time for our own health. Our lifestyle (way of sitting, sleeping, posture, exercise, diet) everything is changed. Back pain very common among general population. Each one of us suffer from back pain at least once in a life time.  Symptoms for which you should consider spine specialist consultation areLong duration back pain/ neck painMuscle painDifficulty in working long hoursDifficulty in sitting/ sleeping/ walkingBack pain coming down to your legsTingling, numbness in your legs, upper limbsWeakness in your upper limbs and lower limbsDifficulty in passing urine, motion ( loss of control) etc                                                                                           There are n  number of causes of back pain/ neck pain which can be enlisted asMuscle spasmMuscle/ ligament sprainLifting heavy weightTrauma/jerk/accidentAge related degenerationSlipped discSpondylosisFacetal arthropathyTuberculosis of spineVitamin/ mineral deficiencyOsteoporosis (weak bones)Fracture of spineScoliosis (curved spine)Science is so advanced today that any spinal problem (Back pain) can be tackled if early treatment/ consultation is taken from spine specialist.  Your back pain problem can be solved if correct diagnosis of problem is done. Your doctor may suggest some tests like X-ray, Blood investigations, MRI scan, CT scan.  Don’t hesitate to get it done, as once problem is known treatment/ solution becomes much easier.  Your doctor may treat you according to your problems with -Braces/ supports-Analgesics-Muscle relaxants-Anti inflammatory medicines-Physiotherapy-Root blocks (Nerve Injections)-Spine surgeryDon’t panic with surgery because surgery is last option for treating doctor also.Various newer techniques (minimally invasive spine surgery)  have came up now that make spine surgery patients less bed ridden and early mobile. So don’t neglect your back pain. Consult your spine specialist as early as possible and live happy and healthier life. Thanks.