Dogs extremely. Dogs and cats can give birth to

Dogs and cats are two of the most popular pets around the world. These two animals share similarities that makes them special for pet owners or even those seeking for a pet, but at the same time they are different in many ways. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast similarities and differences between dogs and cats.

            One of the most noticeable similarities between these tow animals is that they both have hair and most of them shed extremely. Dogs and cats can give birth to multiple puppies and kittens at one time. They are considered easy to be domesticated and trained so that people can interact with them in a safely manner and keep them as pets. They both like to receive affection and love from their owners, this can be easily done by simply playing and spending time with them.

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            Dogs and cats have also numerous differences that makes them unique. Cats belong to the family of feline, most of them tend to be aggressive. Cats are loner, meaning they like to spend time alone and most of the time away from people, more like in a peaceful comfort zone. They are nocturnal, meaning that they like to go out at night and explore. Cats are more flexible than dogs, they can climb trees, houses, etc. An average cat sleeps between 16 and 18 hours per day. Cats are faster than dogs, they can run up to 30 mph.

            In the other hand, dogs are canines. Unlike cats, dogs do not like to be alone or away from people, they enjoy spending time with their owners and taking walks. Another difference is that dogs are day animals, meaning that they tend to do most of their activities during the day. A visual difference is that dogs are bigger and stronger than cats. They are also somewhat smarter when receiving verbal command by their owner. For example, if they are being called by their name, they will listen to that name and will come to whoever is calling them. Dogs can be trained as diabetes alert dogs, they are mainly trained to alert diabetic owners in advance of a high or low blood sugar crisis so that they can take actions immediately and return their blood sugar to normal, these dogs even carry their medicine and other stuff their owners might need. Dogs are also used for the US forces, the three breeds that are trained are German Shepherdess, Belgian Malinois, and Labrador. They are trained in drug and weapons detection as well as attacking the enemy.

            There are numerous similarities and differences between these two animals. This paper compared and contrasted their main similitudes and unique characteristics. It described their personality that might be helpful for those seeking for a four-legged friend.