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Do know who made Porsche one of the most recognizable cars in the world? Even if you do, I will tell you a lot about him and what the creator of this fine company has created. I will tell you about Ferdinand Porsche early childhood. Second I will tell you the things he did after he dropped out of college. Next, I will talk about his experience at the world fair. Finally, I will talk about his accomplishments and cars.Ferdinand Porsche was born on September 3rd, 1875 in Maffersdorf Austria. He was born into a family that was sustainable, but not rich or poor. His childhood had a very good turn when his younger brother was born. This allowed for his brother and Ferdinand to play and help out with chores. His brother was very good and he was finally ready to do some new things, but then his dad stepped in. Porsche Ferdinand like many well-accomplished businessmen he had many conflicts. One of those conflicts was his father. When he was a child, he became very interested in electricity. His father did not want him to become an electrician. The only thing his father wanted for him to do, was to become a plumber and tinsmith to carry on the family business. This conflict carried out for a very long time until one day when his father was on a trip. Young Ferdinand at 16 created a working electrical system for his whole house. This impressed his dad. Therefore, he allowed him to go to part-time electrical school at Imperial Technical University in Richenburg(Vienna University of Technology). While he wasn’t going to school he was working at the electrical company Bella Egger he worked here when he was only 18. In only a couple of years, he was promoted to a management position. When Ferdinand was done working for Bella Egger company he had developed an engine for one of his car designs. Ferdinand had created an electric wheel hub motor. This was an outstanding Creation. This motor was paired with the Lohner- Porsche and taken to the world fair in 1898. That was a huge success at the world fair many were impressed.After his large success, he quit his job dropped out of college and worked on developing a company.  The company  he was going to crate was named After him Porsche. He was going to create cars. One of the most notable cars he created was the porsche 911. THe 911 was one of his greatest accomplishments. The car featured smooth lines with many luxuries.