Diversity fashion is quintessential to the eradication of racism

Diversity in the fashion industry is a very prominent topic surrounding our world today. As it is one of the three main leading topics of The School of Fashion I believe it is necessary to further educate fashion students on the topic itself. The definition of diversity goes as follows, the condition of having or being composed of differing elements, especially the inclusion of different types of people (such as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization (Webster, 2018) My own interpretation of diversity in fashion is the inclusiveness the fashion community strives for rather than the exclusive stigma the fashion world has become accustomed to. This includes diversity shown through the ethnicity of models and designers, size, gender, sexuality etc. Relating to the inclusivity of all, recently we have seen a number of plus size models hit the runways which is incredible to say the least,  It has been long awaited but now as the years pass by fashion has opened its doors to everyone no matter your shape, size, background etc. The fashion industry is starting to break the stigma of plus size models, as well as POC (person of colour) models, and spread the message of inclusivity. Everyone should be included. Each person should be able to see themselves represented in some way, shape, or form when it comes to fashion (Scott, 2016) I also see and perceive diversity in fashion as the diverse ways in which the fashion community express their own individual style. Meaning the showcasing of different styles through different patterns, cuts, shapes and styling of clothing. This free expression provides the fashion community with a variation of styles and fashion from multiple perspectives. One of the most prominent aspects of fashion is personal expression. Everyone is able to express themselves through their clothing and styling choices, from this we are able to witness so many diverse fashion choices. Diversity in fashion is quintessential to the eradication of racism and bigotry in our world, as these real moments that show inclusivity in the fashion industry and its surrounding outlets allow real people to see themselves in the materials they are reading. Diversity allows people to see a reflection of themselves in their favourite magazines, fashion shows, and clothing lines. Having the opportunity to views someone who appears to possess the same features as yourself in the fashion industry, whether it be a model or designer, allows you to be able to connect to that individual and you are able to see yourself as a reflection of them. Diversity in fashion is the conscious effort of accepting all, no matter the “flaw”. These “flaws” we label upon ourselves and others make us unique individuals. The reason for fashion is to celebrate individuality and having open conversations about racial diversity and gender fluidity, and many more  (Stoppard, 2016).The skills I obtain throughout my studies in the Fashion Communication program will help me discovery how I personally can pinpoint where diversity is lacking the most, and how I can improve the fashion industries inclusion of all people no matter skin colour, sexuality or spiritual beliefs. With this knowledge I can be able to apply my new found understanding and ultimately make a change. While the fashion industry is already making tremendous advancements in inclusion and diversity, I can be able to take it to another level and further educate others and how they can make a change as well. I feel as though studying at Ryerson, on campus, in Toronto would also make me aware of the diversity in not only the fashion industry, but in life as a whole. I would be in a new atmosphere surrounded by many others of different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities and religions. I would be able to witness the diversity in my community first hand, as well as the diversity of fashion students in the programs I will be enrolled in. I will be exposed to new techniques and creativity of the other fashion students around me and witness their individual style. It will be amazing for me to be immersed in this type of environment for I will be able to grow my talent and learn new things from my fellow peers. Overall the need for diversity remains prominent in the fashion industry and the significant message of it is hard to ignore. Diversity plays a large role in the fashion community and industry and will further guide my studies in the fashion communications course.