Did Boeing did not find school to be for

  Did you know that the first air sabotage on record was by the Boeing 247? When the airplane was flying over Indiana a bomb went off that sent the plane down this was assumed to be a mob murder.  Bill Boeing is known in the aviation world because he made the first passenger airplane. Bill Boeing helped design the first long-distance planes. The Wright Brothers are the first two men to design and take flight in an airplane they made by hand. Bill Boeing started to become a company during The Great Depression. Boeing helped carry passengers, mail and even defended the United States. From the first airliner to the newest and most improved planes yet. Bill Boeing is the face of the Military and the Aerospace engineering.To start with, Bill Boeing the designer of the airplane and original owner of the Boeing company. Boeing was born by the name of William Edward Boeing, October 1, 1881, in Detroit, Michigan. When Bill was 22 he left Yale just short of getting a degree. According to William Boeing Soared on Wings of Bold Vision, ” He was 22 and a year short of graduating with an engineering degree, but he saw a future and it was west and eventually up.” Boeing did not find school to be for him and left. Just thirteen years after he left school he would make something that would change the world forever. According to An inventive Innovator, ” 1916 he founded Pacific Aero Products Company, which later changed its name to Boeing Airplane Company”. Boeing would make a company that would produce a new invention; The Airplane. Bill Boeing got his invention from the Brothers who built a plane by their hands.Secondly,  The Wright Brothers invented the first plane that they made by hand. The Wright Brothers are best known for their role in aviation. An opinion on The Wright Brothers states, ” Perhaps the two best-known pioneers in the history of American Aviation, brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright accomplished the first ever controlled, sustained flight of a powered airplane.” They become known as the father of aviation. The Wright Brothers started by flying a kite then they got the idea for something bigger and better than they imagined. According to the Wright Brothers, ” After constructing and testing several types of kites, they discovered that in order to control an aircraft’s stability they would have to twist the wings on a lateral axis.” After flying the kites the Wright Brothers got an idea of how they have to make the wings in order to make the plane fly the way they wanted the plane to fly. In the early 1900’s, the Wright Brothers built a glider that had an area of 290 feet and a 22-foot wingspan. By 1903 they had built a machine that could fly. As stated by The Wright Brothers, “… The machine was ready to fly on December 14, 1903. The first flight ended prematurely as the airplane stalled during taking off…”. After this, The Wright Brothers went back to the drawing board and constructed an airplane that was more capable of flight. By 1905 they had designed something capable to do the task. According to the article The Wright Brothers, ” 1905, their aircraft was capable of remaining in flight for over 30 minutes…”. This was one of the first successful flight by man at the time. One of the first manufacturing companies opens up.Thirdly, Boeing starting to become a company during the Great Depression. This new invention was in high demand when it came to war. He started a company he called the Pacific  Aero Products. Bill wanted to make a plane that could help the military this would be the plane that would make the company famous.  As stated by the article William Boeing Soared on Wings of Bold Vision,”On June 15, 1916, Boeing conducted a maiden flight of 900 feet and established Pacific Aero Products, with the hope of selling the plane to the US Navy.” He had a dream that his planes would become known and would eventually help the world. Boeing was very strict about how things were done in his shop to the planes or how the planes were made. On one account by William Boeing Soared Wings of Bold Vision stated that “While at his airplane shop in 1916 he saw a set of improperly sawed spruce ribs. He brushed them on the floor and stomped them until they broke.” When Boeing started a company he believed that everything needed to be just perfect for it to get his name to it. When World War 1 started Boeing changed the company name to Boeing Airplane Company.  According to the Article William Boeing Soared on Wings of Bold Vision, “When America entered World War 1 in 1917, Boeing reincorporated his company as Boeing Airplane Company”. This was the start of one of the greatest company known in aviation.  During the Great Depression, the company really took off and became known. As stated in the article An Inventive Innovator, “Though the country’s Great Depression that year, Boeing continued to prosper as airline and mail grew in popularity.” During the hardest time in American history mail and travel would come about and change history forever.In a short while, the Boeing planes in high demand for the military and the mail. In theearly 1920’s Boeing got a deal that changed the company forever. As stated in The Boeing Century, ” An early 1920’s deal to rebuild the army de Havilland DH-4s…”. He rebuilt the DH-4s and made a steel fuselage. After this Boeing started to receive contracts from the navy asking for new planes that are better than before. The navy sent a contract asking for 50 new planes. According to one article William Boeing Soared on Wings of Bold Vision, “He received a contract from the Navy for 50 Model C Seaplanes.” With the remodeled 50 seaplanes. He later received a contract from the navy and later made the tail hook to catch planes when they went to go and land on the ships that invention is still used every day. Boeing in 1927 got a contract for a new kind of delivery system. As stated in the text An inventive Innovator, “Boeing hit its stride in 1927 when it won in a contract to provide airmail service between Chicago and San Francisco. The airmail planes, which included room for two passengers, this opened the commercial aviation market.” This allowed for more competition and for Boeing to become the first people to do this. Eventually, the airplane that would deliver mail went from only being able to hold two people to being able to hold eighteen people and this would be the first time a stewardess in needed for a plane. According to An Inventive Innovator, “and the company’s primitive airmail planes evolved into larger 18 passenger aircraft staffed with the first stewardesses in the industry.” A lot changed the way people saw the planes, now the planes were being used for recreation and not just war.    Second to last, From the first commercial airplane that could hold 12 passengers to the airplanes today that are some of biggest airplanes ever seen like the Dreamliner. The 40 which carried mail and passengers was changed and became the first passenger plane. According to The Boeing Century, “The 40 was succeeded by the model 80 a conventional 1928 trimotor biplane that carried 12 passengers in an unconventional way for the first time – comfort: with hot and cold water, upholstered seats and earplugs.”  When Boeing made the model 80, he started working on his new project. The plane would be called the Boeing 247 and would be known as one of the first modern airliners. As stated in the article The Boeing Century “…Development of the model 247 the world’s first modern Airliner”. Boeing successfully made a plane that developed the company. With new planes being made Boeing dominated the competition. Stated in The Boeing Century, “… 707/727/737/747 means of transport ruled the skies solos until the European Airbus Consortium showed up in the mid-1970’s and the Boeing 737 remains the best selling airliner ever.” The Boeing 737 is the best plane known. The aviation world was topped when the Dreamliner was made. The Dreamliner has one of the most advanced wings in the industry. According to an article The Boeing Century, ” The Dreamliner, however, has helped to restore Boeing to its number one position. Built around perhaps the most advanced wings yet to fly, the 787 is a remarkable study in the benefits of the global economy”.  When the Dreamliner was manufactured Boeing went back to the number one position and remains at that position today.The Dreamliner is used for transport of airplane parts and is used for nonstop flights overseas. To sum everything up, Helped carry passengers and mail from one destination to another and helped with the military first airliner to the airplanes of today.  Bill Boeing military and aerospace Engineer. Bill Boeing helped with air and mail carry then later designed the first airplane that could hold passengers.The Wright Brothers first people in flight.  Bill Boeing started a company during the Great Depression. By 1928 nearly 30 percent of the mail and passengers were carried by a Boeing plane in the United States.