Diary movie is because I read the books but

Diary of a Wimpy KidRodrick Rules By Alan Sandoval Mauricio SantosThis movie is so funny.This movie is about someone called greg. He He had two brothers.one was called manny he is the smaller brother And he had a big brother called Rodrick.He is so loud because he has a band.Also greg doesn’t like him because he always punches him and he hated that and everything changed he wanted to be like Rodrick!And Rodrick showed him how to be like him.Also things got good but then everything changed.Their parents and Manny  went on a vacation.Also Rodrick did a party with his friends.One reason you should see this movie is because if you want to know why he had a good life.Also it is also interesting as like switch yourlife to a mean and change your life to a better life.Also I want you to see it because if you have a big brother or sister that is rude never belike him because you are going to have a bad life .You need to see itBecause it is one of the best sellers movie in new york.If you don’t have the movie there is a solution to it you can buy the book.The second reason you should see this movie is if you want to knowwhy does Rodrick punch as a wrestler to Greg .Also you should see itWhat happened when Greg had a bad life  and how it affected the life of Rodrick.Also see it to figure out what happened to the band of Rodrick where there was a problem or solution.Also it is amazing like your heart is pounding like 100 miles per hour.Also final at least you should see this movie because it is funny part when greg and the friend of him gets in the van of Rodrick then Rodrick went fast on speed bumps his friends butt land on the face of Greg.Third reason you should see this movie is because I read the books but I wanted see the movie and I want you people to see and you will love it.Also you should see it because it shows you what you shouldn’t do because you get in big trouble.Also be honest because when I told you a short summary the parent of Greg and Rodrick got caught when they came back from vacation. Also when you got a big brother never ever trust on him because he might give you something dangerous or something else that you don’t know. Final at least I want you to see this movie to be respectful responsible and safe.ConclusionI recommend this movie because it is so funny and interesting and  If you don’t have the movie i have solution to it you canBuy theBOOK!!!!