Delay calling for an appointment and his or her

Delay behaviour refers to people delaying their treatment due to personal reason etc. Most people faced this behaviour because they are afraid to face the treatment due to side effects or it can be due to financial issue.  Delay behaviour has four stages. The first stage is appraisal delay. Appraisal delay refers to the time a person takes to interpret a symptom as an indication illness. Appraisal delay is when one is unsure and are not aware of their illness. Example a smoker, he has been coughing for the past 3 weeks however, he is still unaware of the symptoms that he may have lung cancer. He keeps on thinking that he is coughing is due to normal sickness however it is because of that it is due to his smoking habits that causes him to start coughing. Therefore, this causes appraisal delay as they are unsure if they have the symptoms.  The second stage is illness delay. Illness delay refers to the time taken between recognizing one is ill and deciding to seek medical treatment. This is when patient is contemplating on whether they should get treated after knowing that they are sick. Example the smoker finally realises that the coughing he had was due to smoking and he is contemplating whether he should go see the doctor or just let the cough to be gone by its self. Therefore, this causes the smoker to face illness delay as he or she is still contemplating to get treated despite knowing the cause of the illness. The third stage is utilization delay or behavioural delay. Utilization delay refers to the time after deciding to seek medical care until actually going in to use that health service. At this stage, this is when patient have made plans to seek for professional help but have not yet gone for consultation. Example after knowing the reason of coughing the smoker have made the decision to visit the doctor. However, he still has not visit the doctor despite planning for a long time. Therefore, this causes the patient to face utilization delay where the patient has not made the time to visit the doctor. The last staged is medical delay. Medical delay refers to the time that elapses between the person’s calling for an appointment and his or her receiving appropriate medical care. This stage is when patient have made an appointment to get their illness treated however he or she did not turn up for the consultation or treatment. Example after the patient book an appointment to check his or her health, he may delay the appointment as it may be due to work issue or they forget about the appointment. Therefore, this will lead the patient to face medical delay as they cannot make time for the appointment that they have made.  There are many causse to having the delay in getting treatment some patient can make up excuses so that they can have a reason to not visit the doctor. Example they will be giving lots of reason like they are busy with work, they have other things they have to commit to or they have family issue.   One of the causes for the delay is patient-related factor. Patient may find it difficult to accept that they are having an illness this can lead to them being in denial. They will always deny that they are sick and this can cause them to be stress and make their condition worsen. Example when a smoker found out that he is having a lung cancer. He will be in denial as he did not expect to get lung cancer and he will start thinking too much about his illness. He may keep asking why he has lung cancer whilst other smokers that smoke longer than him does not have cancer. This will worsen his condition as he will turn to nicotine to release stress. Therefore, patient-related factor is one of the causes as they feel that they are healthy and there is no need for them to visit the doctor.  The second causes for the delay is socioeconomic factor. Not everyone in Singapore may have the money to spend on healthcare. Patient may delay the treatment due to expensive healthcare price that they have to pay. Therefore, they need to delay the treatment so that they can save up their money to pay for their treatment. Apart from that, they are some patient that are unwilling to pay for the price of the treatment they feel that it is too expensive.  Lastly, health care team. Health care team is a relationship between patient and physician. Relationship between patient physician is important for treatment as physician are the one that can help cure the patient and motivate them to go for treatment. However, there are time where physician treat the patient coldly or they are unsure of what they are doing this can make the patient feel uncomfortable and this will lead to patient not coming for treatment as they want to face the same thing as they face before therefore, they will delay the treatment by not going for treatment or consultation.  To sum up, the stages of delay behaviour are the causes as to why many patients delaying their treatment. They feel that they are healthy and they do not see the reason as to why they should go for consultation and treatment or they may plan but they are procrastinating to go for treatment. Therefore, more patient will delay their treatment and worsen their condition.?