Definitions: achievemant of the goals.Thus planning is concerned with


Accorig to Wernerfelt, human resources can be seen as whatever
that could be classify as strength or weakness of any firm or company which
could include tangible and intangible assets (Wernerfelt, 1984)

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Meanwhile, Bratton and Gold  sees human resources management as a strategic
approach whereby employment reelations can be managed. (Bratton and Gold,2007).



Mostly  human
resource management functions inclue; hiring, maintaining workforce and
motivating  within businesses.

Functions of
Human Resource Management Includes

· Managerial

· Operative



Function Includes:

1. Planning

One of the main
functions of HRM is planning , an this deals with determination of the numbers
of employees that are needed to acomplish the organizational goals and

In other to achieve the
organizational goals, there must be formulation of policies, and programme  that will be put in place, therefore planning  is a process of  formulating those polices an programmes for
the achievemant of the goals.Thus planning is concerned with clearly charting
out the desired direction of business activities in future. Forecasting is one
of the major elements in the planning process.

2. Organizing

Organising  can be definer as the process of  delegating authorities to the specific subordinates.
It is the process of allocating duties or jobs to the subordinates an cordinating
the communication by establishining channels of communcation.

Organization of
the task is another important step. Task is allocated to every member as per
their skills and activities are integrated towards a common goal.


3. Directing

This includes
putting  employees at different levels
and making sure they  contribute maximumly
towards organizational goal.  It can be
simply put as Tapping maximum potentials of an employee via constant motivation
and command.

Directing is the process
of gearing  group efforts to achieve the
desired goals. It includes activities like getting subordinates to get the job
done, maintaining morale motivating subordinates etc. for achieving the goals
of the organisation

4. Controlling

This can be
seen as the process f setting standard of performance for the employees. It involves
Post planning, organizing and directing the workers performance. The employees
work must be checked to know if its in accordance with the objectives and goals
of the company.

Function Includes:

The operative, also
called, service functions are those which are relevant to specific department.
These functions vary from department to department depending on the nature of
the department Viewed from this standpoint, the operative functions of HRM
relate to ensuring right people for right jobs at right times. These functions
include procurement, development, compensation, and maintenance functions of


 Werther and Davis defines recruitment as the
process of looking, finding and hiring capable applicants for employment. The
process begins when new recruits are sought and ends when their applications
are submitted (Definition by Werther an New York, McGraw Hill,1996)

Recruitment is process
of creating a common platform between the employers and the prospective
employees, so that both of them evaluate each other and take a decision which is
mutually beneficial.

Hiring is a process which brings pool of prospective
candidates who can help organization achieve their goals and allows managements
to select right candidates from the given pool.