Deferred illegal immigrants to the United States. However, they

Deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA) was a policy in the American immigration system that initially ensured that some of the individuals who entered America as minors and remained in the country being minors illegally, were eligible to receive a deferred action period of two years from being deported. They were also given an eligible working permit in the states. In the year 2017, there had been around eight hundred thousand individuals who were registered on the deferred action for childhood arrivals program. The program was established under president Obama’s administration in the year 2012 through an executive action by the president. (Joanna Walters, Sep 2017)However, the policy was rescinded by Donald Trump in the year 2017. Additionally, complete implementation of the rescission was to take six months to give the house of representatives as well as the Congress sufficient time to formulate a strategy on how to deal with the excess population which was formerly enrolled in the program.  However, the court has blocked the  Trump’s administration from ending the deferred action for childhood arrivals program (Lauren Gambino, Jan 2018). The next course of action by the government on the program is still a mystery, filling the dreamers with layers of profound uncertainty onto their fate and legal immigration status in the United States. The individuals’ eligible for the deferred action for childhood arrivals is a relief from deportation by the American government. The program impacts profoundly on all young illegal immigrants to the United States. However, they need to have a proof of their identity and their date of birth. Evidence of their continuous residence in the states for a continuous period of five years, proof that; the time of entrance into America was before attainment of the age of sixteen years and finally not have a prior conviction and criminal record. The program has not only improved the lives of the young immigrants but also helped develop the economy to the benefit of all the Americans.( Journal of Public Economics, Nov 2016) The program has also enabled them to receive better wages. All the individuals under the deferred action for childhood arrivals are known as Dreamers. They were referred to as dreamers due to the compromise made by the Obama administration after the Senate and House of Representatives failed to enact into law the Dream Act.  Under the Donald trump administration, fresh and new applications under the deferred action for childhood arrivals program will not be accepted. (Alma Rosa Nieto, Jan 2018) Individuals currently in the program their legal status and all permits from the program benefits will start expiring as from March in 2018 if Congress does not litigate a law which allows immigrants legal status to be in the country. However, if no law is made in favor of immigrants by the year 2020 in March, all dreamers will lose their legal immigration status in the country and finally deported.  The differed action for childhood arrivals has surprisingly been productive for the United States economy as well as the American community. (Tom K. Wong,2017) The country would lose billions of money as a result of the elimination of the program. By ending the program at this level since its inception would turn to be counterproductive and very cruel to the hundreds of thousand immigrants in the United States. It is therefore very crucial that the Trump administration reconsiders its stand on the dreamer’s program. 


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