Dear App. We are in love with creating engaging

Dear Sir / Ma’am, I have been requested by Viswa Chaitanya (hereafter referred to as Viswa) to write a letter of recommendation for his admission to your venerable institution. I am glad to oblige.I am currently working as the Creative Director at Media team for BYJU’s – The Learning App. We are in love with creating engaging and effective lesson videos mapped to a student’s curriculum, from preschool till K12. I am responsible for managing and training of about a 200 member strong team, creatively visualizing concepts, designing and presenting them as video lessons that make a student fall in love with learning. Earlier to BYJU’s, I have also produced and directed many episodes of a television series for a national network in India.I have known the candidate, Viswa, since his initial internship days at BYJU’s, when I was responsible for his training and induction into design thinking, filmmaking and animation. Though he had good photography skills, he had little or no exposure to creative visualization, filmmaking, animation skills and associated software tools when he joined us. To his credit, he was quick to learn the basics skills and software tools on account of his seriousness of purpose and hard work, and is now among the best of people whom I can entrust with creative work.What sets him apart from many of his peers is his tenacity, curiosity and eagerness to learn and correct himself. In my close to 2 years of close interaction with him in my capacity as his supervisor, never once I saw an attitude that is not open to critical review of his work. While making a lesson video, he is always eager to do multiple iterations for design and animation that are over and above of what is required of him, to go that extra mile to invest in the video lesson to get the content communication and design better, and then even better.Coming from a background of engineering in biotechnology into this team – built on strong foundations of love for learning and teaching, filmmaking and design – I have seen him struggle and go through his share of criticism and lows during the initial phases of his employment. To my amazement and inspiration, instead of breaking down in such situations or choosing to quit to a role that is less taxing and more comfortable to him, he chose to persist, and through his determination and hard work, is really among the best of people in my team.He is currently working in creating lesson videos for our international product that we are making in collaboration with Disney, aimed at teaching pre-school, KG and K3 kids.I have been proudly involved in making the product: BYJU’s – The Learning App since its inception, and in respect of the above qualities, he is really among the best ones I have come across.He has my highest recommendation for admission into your venerable institution, and I can’t wait to see his contribution and innovation in the field of information experience design. SincerelyPriyadarshi SiddharthCreative Director, BYJU’s – The Learning AppSenior Creative Manager, Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd.