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Danielle MooreProfessor Dionne Loera-Ramirez English 6820 January 2018A body for every bodyBody shaming is one of the biggest problems with our generation today. Society somehow seems to find  humor in degrading people by taking their insecurities and aiming them at others. Body shaming can be seen anywhere, articles, bus stops, commercials and in any advertisement. Body shaming is not necessarily because someone is bigger than another; everyone gets criticized if their body doesn’t meet someone elses standards. People shouldn’t constantly have to worry about being judged, they should love their self for who they are and not have to worry about people’s opinions.Its fairly obvious that not everyone in the world is a Victoria’s Secret model. Right? This is a Victoria’s Secret ad thats advertising women’s bras. The picture shows ten women lined up in a row. All the women appear to be the exact same height, weight and overall just look very similar. However, the women are all wearing different garments. Below each women shows writing stating the type of style bra their wearing. Also, in the very center of the image theres a text that states, “A Body For Every Body”, ” perfect fit, perfect comfort, perfectly soft”. This advertisement is obviously trying to sell Victoria’s Secrets bras and is targeting women ranging from thirteen years old to about fifty years old. This is obvious because the ad describes the styles of bras, displays them on the models who are of a younger age, and is targeting women because  of its women’s products. This is also targeting women because of the use of colors they used, the garments in the photo are very appealing colors of lingerie to women. Another group of people it might attract is men. This ad may attract men because of the sexual appeal of the models. The models are dressed solely in women’s garments, a bra and underwear. With just a glance of this advertisement in a magazine, on social media, or a bus stop a man will automatically notice. The company might target men so they buy the products for their girlfriends,their wife etc.Right off the bat this photo is very controversial. When the audience sees the photo their initial responses would be why?, and if there’s  a “body for every body” why are all the models the same size? The two main aspects that makes the viewer say these things is the text and the models themselves. The heading of the advertisement alone would be a very good slogan if placed correctly. However, the advertisement is clearly in the wrong by making all of the models the same size. If the models in the advertisement were all of different sizes, races, and ethnicities it would make for a very strong advertisement that people would love.This advertisement actually had to be revised because of such a harmful message it showed. Originally the image stated, “The Perfect Body” and was later changed to “A Body For Every Body”. There is really no such thing as a “perfect body”, everyone’s body is different and there can’t possibly be an ideally perfect one. There is however an ideal body that social media stears you into being. The classic and iconic “Barbie” look. Long silky hair, flat stomach, long legs, thin, clear skin, just perfect. To argue, this not only is hurtful but can be extremely harmful to women’s self esteem in our generation world wide. Not only can advertisements such as this one cause self esteem issues but it can also cause depression and eating disorders. The shame leads to low self esteem and motivation. People who dislike their bodies don’t want to take great care of their bodies since they hate them. In fact since people are told these harmful things, they don’t feel comfortable in public, resulting in poor health habits. It’s sad but its a true fact, body shaming is everywhere. Body shaming is one of the biggest problems in our world today and needs to be stopped. The body is the way we experience life, we do not choose how we want to look. Every experience we have in the world is through our body; walking, going to school, feeling the warm sun, kisses, hugs, graduating college and starting that dream life. Every experience we live, we live it in our bodies. Just because someone looks different than another doesnt mean its okay to shame them. Don’t curse the body for being itself, its you.