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Daniel Browning Smith holds the Guiness World Record for being the “Most Flexible Man, for dislocating both legs and arms and turning his torso 180 degrees.” He currently holds 7 Guinness World Records and has performed live at a number of colleges, concerts, and trade shows. Flexibility is defined as “the quality of bending easily without breaking”. Flexibility can also be described as “the ability of your joints and body parts to execute their full range of motion” (Fitness.com) . But why is this important? Being flexible helps to reduce soreness of muscles and improves posture. This is important because as you age your muscles naturally lose strength and size and become less supple and  more stiff. This can affect your range of motion around your joints and can cause your muscles to tighten up. This can be avoided if you stretch regularly. Stretching is an important part to not only athletics but to day-to-day life as well. While doing activities that push the body physically your body begins to build up tension (HumanKinetics.com) . Stretching is an effective way to relieve the tension and stress in your body, it can also improve posture and balance, as well as improve performance in everyday activity, exercise, and sport. (HumanKinetics.com) Because it  can improve balance stretching can improve your everyday activities as well as improve your athletic abilities due to the muscle endurance and strength that stretching helps create. There are many types of stretches that can be practiced.A static stretch is where a stretch is held for a certain amount of time, such as 10-30 seconds. This stretch is used to hosen and elongate your muscle while also helping recover. Another type of stretch is PNF stretching (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation). PNF is a stretching technique used to improve muscle elasticity and improves range of motion (Journal of Human Kinetics). Ballistic stretching is the type of stretching that uses bouncing to push your body beyond its regular range of motion. Dynamic stretches are used to warm up of prepare the body and often mimic movements used in the sport or activity. A passive stretch is where you relax and make no contribution, instead another person, such as a partner, exerts an outside force. Flexibility benefits us throughout our life because it allows us to stay healthy and keep out bodies in shape and can help us develop skills like balance and posture, that we use in day-to-day life. Flexibility decreases your overall risk of injury and improves physical performance, it helps increase blood and nutrient tissues. Stretching is a great and productive way to relieve stress as well.