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D.H Lawrence is an English novelist, poet and short story writer. “The Rocking winner” was published in 1926.  The story involves a boy who tries to fulfill her mother needs and wishes by putting money on horse racing.  The story covers the aspects of money, success and greed. The story starts with the family in which the mother named Hester is not happy as she does not have enough wealth to fulfill her own and her family needs. The story focuses on a boy name Paul who tries to win money for his mother but putting money on the name of the horse that will win. He does it by riding his rocking horse (which he got on Christmas) until he enters the state of mind where he is able to predict the correct winner. He starts of winning small amounts of money and then his uncle Oscar confront him and he tell his uncle about the rocking horse trick. He wins large sum of money with his uncle and his uncle gives money to Paul mother. Hester is not smart with money and greed of the family get bigger and bigger. One-day Paul collapses with brain fever while riding the rocking horse and becomes sick but meanwhile he predicts the name of the winning horse for the Derby Stakes. In the end when he finds out he has won a huge amount of money he gets too much excited and that he is not able to sustain that excitement and he dies. The theme of the story is that pursuit of wealth never brings real happiness. Real happiness comes with love of family and inner peace. The setting of a story take place in England in 1920’s.  The family lives in house which has a garden. The boy is the protagonist in the story who strives to fulfill her mother wishes and gain her love and mother and greed can be considered as antagonist. The mother does not handle the money properly and she doesn’t show love and affection towards her son.  Greed can be antagonist as it derives the family towards tragedy. The story is shown as a Fairytale with “there was a woman who was beautiful”. The story has a third person /omniscient point of you. The story does not contain much symbolism, apart from “Rocking horse”. The movement of rocking horse can be taken as fertility of mindlessly pursuing wealth. The story shows how wealth can undermine the relationships even the strong relationships like mother and son.  The story shows that the most important thing is love and relationships, only then a person can enjoy wealth, but going after wealth mindlessly can take away everything the person has and there is never been a moment where greed has brought happiness to someone for a long time