Culture can’t always have face to face interaction, so

Culture and business factors have a big effect on how we interact
on a global level and community. Communication has the most significant impact
on the way cultures and businesses operate. Each culture has a different
viewpoint on their resources and the desire to promote them. When cultures are ‘negotiating’
their business practices are applied. Referring to business practices, one must
consider- what does that really mean? In my opinion, the practices that a
business uses come from their purpose, desire for the business, how they
maintain to be established, and morals. Nobody uses the same business
techniques, but it can all relate back to as what I defined as practices. Although
I am mentioning how cooperation’s communicate, it is not universal. People in
different cultures all use different tactics to succeed in the global market.

Each culture has different methods to do this. To compete on the global level,
you have to speak the global language- English. In addition to language, other
cultures need to be adaptive with whom they are communicating, this is also
known as cross-cultural communication. Conversation in the global
world relies heavily on language. The term trade
language is so significant to this interaction. Communication
can be in person, online, or via a phone call. I understand that business communicating
from overseas can’t always have face to face interaction, so the advancement of
a phone as a way of communicating has elevated the way businesses converse. Some
cultures may see this as unprofessional, but it is now becoming a norm to
create a close relationship. The world we live in today relies heavily on communication within
global cultures and businesses.

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