Credit as text message. It is advised that you

Credit cards make up for your plastic cash online. If you
don’t keep your transactions safe, chances are high that you end up making to
the bottom line of decline. More than half of the US consumer market has
succumbed to cyber theft and if you are one among them, then don’t worry! Take
your place behind the last in line.

Although, security measures are taken by most online stores;
yet, most Americans and online shoppers around the world tend to follow basic
security protocols and overlook them. As a result, they become the victim of
looming cyber threats of C card frauds and identity theft.

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Today, I am going to discuss how you can secure your credit
card information online and protect yourself while making online and mobile
purchases. So without any further Ado, let’s delve in

7 Ways How You Can Secure Your
Credit Card Information Online

Turn on Credit Card’s Added Security

MasterCard and Visas offer a onetime security code to ensure
maximum level of security while making a purchase. However, adding an extra
layer of security for online credit card transactions is not a bad option.
Check with your local bank to ensure that they offer added security layer
option for every transaction that you make using a C
card. Certain banks require you to input a one-time security PIN code delivered
to your personal email or phone as text message.

It is advised that you add this security layer since both
(Visas and MasterCard) does not offer any liability if you fall into a
fraudulent scheme devised by a hacker.

Make Payments in Password Protected
or SSL Certified Environments

Most security experts believe that making transactions on a
public or open Wi-Fi is one of the leading causes why most users fall into the
trap of losing their financials through credit card transactions. It is best
advised that individuals perform transactions in at least password protected
environments or VPN protected ones so your data remains encrypted.

While making transactions through an online platform make
sure that the website is SSL certified. SSL certified domain addresses usually
starts with “https” domain name.

Virtual Credit Card Information from

Not all banks offer this feature, but some banks allow you
to create a virtual onetime credit card number as an alternative for your
credit card. This number is fixed with your credit card and is created for only
one time usage. It expires instantly and has a limit amount on it for making
the required purchase. It is considered a safe option because even if your
credit card number is lost to a thief, what they only get is an alternative
credit card number making it all too easy for the security individuals to track
them down. Bank of America terms this method as Shop Safe.

To use this feature online, a third party extension called
Privacy is added into your chrome browser. You can easily install it to your
browser and generate the pin instantaneously.

Always Choose Credit over Debit

Make sure that you always choose credit card option above
providing debit card information. Why is that? Because if a thief gets his hand
on your Debit Card information, he will simply deplete you of all your
financial assets stored within your bank account. Debit cards are the access
routes linked directly to your bank accounts. While, on the other hand, a C
card is not directly linked to your bank account. In addition, it comes with a

If your credit card information is lost to a thief, your
issuer will be liable to take necessary steps to revert back whatever
fraudulent scheme you may have found yourself into.

Keep Your Devices Clean from
Spywares and Malwares

Keeping all your computer software updated at all times is a
healthy option. Well, not only for your computer, but also for your credit
cards. Spywares and malwares can end up spreading virus within your system and
may use your personal information through wrong ways. While, entering your
credit card information from your personal computer under threat of spywares
and malwares, you may end up losing potential information as a customer to such
cyber tweaks.

To avoid consistent attacks of malware/spywares on your
system, simply install and update your client with the latest antivirus
software and keep a thorough check by running scans over and over again.

Track Statements for Any Unusual

They say that prevention is better than cure. Make sure that
you track and follow all of your transactions on a regular basis. Most banks
have sophisticated security systems which ensure the maximum level of security
for your credit card transactions. However, even consistent monitoring 24/7, at
times, turn out to be insufficient. Therefore, it is better to keep a thorough
check on your online transactions, on your own.

Check your financial transaction sheets all the time. Your
bank offers you the option to generate reports on your transactions online or
they simply deliver you one at the month end. Keep a look out for any
suspicious transactions and report them when you identify one.

Stay Away from Fake Applications

Not all applications are legit. Therefore, it is best
advised that you should stay away from malicious retail applications which do
not come from a trusted source. Mostly, individuals rely on Apple or Google’
Play Store for purchasing apps. However, then there are some who like to exploring
more of the Internet. In order to do so, they make considerable downloads from
third party app providers and usually end up making online transactions on
their stores.

With the security risks on the rise, Applications are not
safe even on trusted sources as well. If any of the application on these stores
contains vague information or less reviews, the chances are high that they are
red flagged.

C Card safety plays a vital role when you are dealing and
performing businesses online. Not all places are secure as hackers are always
on the verge to identify leak holes and access personal information. Therefore,
if you want to keep yourself safe, always make purchases on sources which are
truly legit. Yet, even the most trusted sources, at times, portrays them as
unsafe. Therefore, taking security measures alongside making purchases can
altogether benefit you in the long run.