Creation myth, in the beginning there was nothing but

Creation myths are myths about how the world was created either by one god or multiple gods or even by the big bang theory. There are two creation myths we learned about as a class and one we chose to learn on our own, the Egyption creation myth,Genesis creation myth and i chose to learn about the Greek creation myth. Would you like to learn about the greek, genesis and egyption creation myths? You will learn about how earth came about, how humans were created,and their purpose.In the Egyption Creation myth earth was created by Re, god of the sun. Re created a landmass in the middle of Nu to stand on. Once this landmass was created Re then moves on to create Shu and Tefnut after doing so the first rains began to fall and then Re names Geb, and earth came into being.Re named all things on earth, and they grew. Lastly Re names mankind, and there were men and women in egypt. One of the reasons mankind was created was to worship and obey Re and the other gods and to take care of the land. Similarly in the Genesis Creation myth the earth was created in seven days by god. On the first day god established time (Day and Night), day two: creates the sky , day three: God separates land from the sea; produced vegetation, days four – seven God creates the stars sun and moon along with Animals and mankind, day seven was established as sabbath ¨holy¨ day. God created earth for his glory. Mankind was created from the breath of life to rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground. Furthermore in the Greek Creation myth, in the beginning there was nothing but darkness and a blacked winged bird name nyx. Nyx laid a golden egg and sat upon it till it hatched. Within this egg life started to grow, Eros the god of love arose out of the egg. One half of the egg flew into the air becoming the sky and the other half became the Earth, The sky was named Uranus and earth was named Gaia. Uranus ( the Sky) and Gaia(earth) had many children together on of these children being Zeus. Soon the Earth lacked two things , man and animals so Zeus instructed his children Prometheus (forethought) and Epimetheus (afterthought ) to create them and give them gifts. Prometheus Formed man in the image of the gods. The purpose of men was to live on earth and worship and obey the gods. Those are the three creation myths, Egyptian, genesis and Greek. First came the earth , then humans and animals and their purpose. they are all actually very similar to each other  from earth being created by a god to humans and animals being created to live on earth and to worship the gods or god.