Creating source, displaying expertise on creating digital content and

consistent and meaningful digital content is critical to the success of any
business in the digital age. For Virtucom Group, blogging is a valuable
medium for providing great content and attracting potential customers.

establishes Virtucom Group as a trustworthy source, displaying expertise on
creating digital content and expanding business. Readers that rely on Virtucom
Group for insight are likely to reach out once they’re prepared to invest money
into their business. Simply stating what you can offer isn’t good enough.
However, demonstrating your expertise with informative blog posts is a powerful
way to attract new customers.

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is critical to online visibility. It doesn’t matter how great the content is if
it isn’t being received and applied. SEO (search engine optimization) makes
blogging even more of a valuable asset to our company. The more content we
create, the more likely Virtucom Group ranks in search engines. Every time a
new blog post is published, a new indexed page is created for Virtucom Group.
With every new web page created, the possibility our website will be one of the
first links available on a search engine is increased. For example, when I
enter “copywriting agency mistakes” on Google, a Virtucom Group blog post is
the first link that shows up. As a consumer looking for answers, I easily came
across an informative blog from Virtucom Group; this simple interaction could
lead to a business relationship.

including call-to-actions in blog posts helps transition viewers into leads for
the company. For example, at the end of a recent Virtucom Group blog post is a
call-to-action. This particular CTA linked readers to a free eBook about
outsourcing content creation. To download, the consumer must share their
personal information. This call-to-action provides the sales team with
potential customers to contact.

search engine optimization, blogging has a simple, yet, profound impact on a
company’s social media engagement. Our audience will willingly share Virtucom
Group blog posts on their social networks if we create useful content.
Providing blog posts that are relevant throughout social media attracts new readers and potential customers from
all walks of life. It is important to exploit the power of social media; there
is an audience on the web that is sometimes random but always
impactful. Blog posts are also valuable to social media managers at
Virtucom Group. Social media managers typically fall into the trap of creating
forced content to meet daily goals and maintain a presence on their respective
platforms. Blog posts provide meaningful content, instead of creating forced
content without a purpose, we can share purposeful blog posts. Social media
expands the reach of a typical blog post while sparking dialogue that leads to

hindsight, blogging is a reliable way to create traffic for the company website
and attract potential customers to Virtucom Group. It provides an outlet for
instant engagement on social media along with instant access to potential
customers for our sales team. In the long run, blogging establishes Virtucom
Group as a trusted source for creating digital content. This format is also a
great way to attract potential customers long after they were published.
Although blog posts usually stop generating significant traffic after the first
few days, due to search engines, they will still generate views and leads from
the original post, even years later. Hubspot said it best, “The effort you put
in yesterday can turn into hundreds of thousands of views and leads in the