cPanel So Popular?The cPanel a web based control panel

cPanel (Control Panel) is a online hosting control panel offered by most of the top hosting companies to website owners in order to easy management of their websites and applications. This is one of the best and easy to use hosting control panel available on Linux based hosting services. This tool is specially designed to simplify the process of website easy and user-friendly. With the help of cPanel tool, website owner can easily manage the tasks like file, FTP, website backups, email, spam protection, domain/sub-domain, management of error pages, password management, CGI Scripts, users statistics, users management, Cron Jobs, Shopping Cart, HotLink Protection, SSL, Apps/software installation and MySQL database administration etc..Important Features We Look ForNow that we have discussed about cPanel, let’s now go through what are the features we look for while evaluating the best cPanel hosts:Free of cost cPanel license1-click app installs for popular CMS’s like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.Free site building toolsFree Domain NameFree Security ToolsFree marketing/advertising creditsUnlimited Website Resources such as domains, emails, bandwidth, storage space)There are few hosts like iPage and inMotion hosting offers free marketing credits with hosting packages which is actually great to promote your business online. But it doesn’t mean that a host that doesn’t offer free search marketing/advertising credits is not best,it is just a extra feature we look for while evaluation a host.Why is cPanel So Popular?The cPanel a web based control panel was primarily designed for web hosting companies and firms offering Linux based hosting solutions. Panel allow hosting users to manage essential elements of their hosting service, for example their FTP (File Transfer Protocol) logins, domains/websites and email id’s. This is in the industry since 1996, almost 21 years and has gained huge reputation among website owners, all credit goes to the user friendly interface and easy navigation.Features of cPanel HostingcPanel hosting comes with a dynamic interface that offers broad range of features to administrator to manage server side, as well as user to manage the client area. Below we have listed some of the most popular features of cPanel:Email Management: For online businesses communication is one of the most important factor. Handling multiple email account, creating business specific email accounts, blocking spam and unwanted threats, and creation of filters can be a irritating. But with the help of cPanel it has become very easy for the website owners to manage emails and related stuffs.Security/ProtectionSecurity and protection of a website and server can be a difficult for even the experienced professionals. cPanel provides it’s users with all the essential tools required to lower the chances of security attacks on website and server.File ManagementWith multiple domains/websites, subdomains/addon domain, email accounts, multiple users and CMS platforms who administer the web server via FTP; As a website owner it can be overwhelming for you to manage the server. With the help of cPanel all the stuffs related to file management can be done very easily.Domain Name ManagementcPanel comes with excellent domain name management features such as creation of domains, sub-domains, add domains and parked domains.Effortless Server ManagementFor the users of VPS hosting and dedicated servers, command line scripts are easily available! Save time by working inside the command line scripts to fast speed configuration, explore server related issues, and execute commands.Few scripts contained are:cpbackup –  One of the best FREE and easiest method to backup cPanel accounts using FTP.delpop – This script deletes an email accounts and email data. When someone call this script, the system deletes the email account as well as its data.setupftpserver – This command allows website owners to switch between FTP.restorepkg – Thus script restores suspended accounts from a backup filesuspendacct – This command allow automated suspensions of accountsWhy Choose cPanel Hosting Solution?One of the main reason users decide on cPanel hosting solution because it is probably one the most powerful and secure control panel tool available in the industry. The hosting control panel is very easy to access and comes with many amazing tools which makes website management very easy.cPanel can be directly accessed via any web browser with the help of Internet, so as a website owner you do not have to sit in front of your system to manage your web page. As long as you are able to access you have a computer system with internet connection, you can login to the cPanel software and perform the management tasks of your hosting account. cPanel works well on Linux platform and apache server with excellent performance, available at affordable cost as compare to other control panel tools in the industry.