Coursework always. “Members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus

Coursework 3 column Today, I’m going to oppose an article written by Solangel Maldono based on ‘what exactly is wrong with polygamy?’ The definition of polygamy according to oxford dictionary is “The practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time.” Polygamy is a personal choice that I believe every person has the right to. All marriages deserve what they want in order to build a happy, healthy future. However, due to the norms of society, we are hesitant. Why must we be though? Hesitant to marry another with the approval of your spouse seems like it would be alright to go ahead with your decision, doesn’t it? The law against polygamy makes almost no sense since the same practice is carried out behind closed doors. With polygamy being illegal, infidelity and adultery takes a toll on their spouse making the marriage more futile as there is no honesty . There are religious beliefs that guide one to be polygamous. Contrary to a popular belief, the Bible mentions nothing against polygamy. Why is it that we choose to neglect religion until we learn something in the Bible that we wanted to? Blaming religion for driving people to choose to marry more than one person seems absurd, comical even. Like any other relationship, polygamy was, is and always will be consensual. In Hinduism, the Lord, Krishna himself had eight wives. Muhammad, the prophet of God, had eleven wives. Just because there is nothing against the act odd polygamy, our society is going to twist and turn this and blame religion for compelling one into choosing to marry more than one person. One always has the right to make his or her own choices, always. “Members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints believe that only men who have at least three wives will enter the highest level of heaven and that women can only get to heaven if their husbands take them there.” I would  like to mention that there are a number of factors that come into consideration when someone talks about heaven and hell. Law in countries are laws for a reason, the country as a whole believes that polygamy is right. Polygamy is legal in parts of Africa, not because religion played a factor in the legalisation but because they believe in it. It is said that polygamy is immorally wrong. But isn’t catcalling a woman on the streets of most cities immorally wrong too? Isn’t infidelity immoral? Being deprived of your rights won’t change your wants. You may want more than one partner, this can be for various reasons like may be your spouse can’t bear or help in having a child  or may have a life threatening disease or it may be it’s just that you may fall in love , this also doesnt mean on giving up your initial relations .This all gives rise to infidelity . While polygamy is an act practiced with consent of both the partners involved, infidelity is not. Infidelity most times, is an act practiced behind the back of the spouse. It is not the same as an open-relationship. Infidelity is illegal in a few states in the US as well. If polygamy is said to be immorally incorrect, why is it practiced in many African countries? The islamic law is said to allow men  to have more than one spouse as long they treat each one of their spouses equally. According to Americans, 51% of them think gay marriage is immoral. It has been legalised has it not? This brings me to my last point, every person should have consent over their choices. If those choices are approved by the spouse, I believe there is no fault. We choose to stand for equality but are we not being unequal to the ones that believe in polygamy? Legalising polygamy has no external costs and it doesn’t affect anyone if the consent if given my the opposing spouse.It is just a matter of choice which in today’s free and open minded world allows you to make a choice .Who are we to go against something which the ancestors have lived through . Even during Harrappan civilisation there were men who had more than one wife .King Dhashrath ,father of Lord Rama also had multiple wives and they all lived happily under one roof .If It was allowed in 5114 BC then how come our so called modern civilization has a problem to accept it .  To reiterate my argument, I would like to say that with the consent of both spouses and with no external costs, I don’t see why polygamy can’t be legalised? If we believe in equal marital right, and we believe that everyone gets to choose who they want to marry, why are we depriving people of their right? Polygamy is an endeavour to get more out of life than there is and I believe we all get to make our own choices. Don’t you too?


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