Content at the beginning of a project (YourDictionary, n.d.).




















































1. What is the geographical area covered by the plan? For
example, is it a city
    plan? A national or regional plan? Or
oes it cover an inland or coastal

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It is a regional plan,
which is short term between 2017-2020 and it covers a Royal Borough of Windsor
and Maidenhead (RBWM).

2. What is the vision for tourism
outlined in your plan?


* The vision for the
tourism development in Windsor and Maidenhead is to create a
   better public transport connection within
and around the borough, which therefore
   helps to bring more tourists to this
region as well.  

* Borough tries to attract different age
and segmentation groups such as
   family or business.

* Ability to maintain and protect the historical and natural sites and give the
ability for
  the tourists to see the sites as well. Provided should be also bikes, that
helps to
  discover the landscapes that are
further away from a walking distance.

* Pubs should be family friendly, which means that menu’s abundant and people
   who suffer from different food
allergies have the ability to eat ‘free
from’ food  

* To bring the region in UK’s top spot for food and wine destination.

                                                                           (The Local
Planning Authority, pg.11)

3. How does this vision
translate into a set of aims and objectives?  


is a difference between aim and objectives. Aim can be defined as, to hit or
reach a target that has been set at the beginning of a project (YourDictionary,
n.d.). Objective therefore, means according to BusinessDictionary (2017):”A specific result that a person or system
aims to achieve within a time frame and with available resources.’ Objectives
are like stairs, it is real, practical and specific to help to achieve the
target that has been set (Edgell and Swanson, 2013: 251).


overall goal remains the same in 2017-2020 action plan as it was in 2008-2016,
which is to deliver a real expenditure growth. It also has been stated that the
aim might not be achieved but it is as a guide to bring the plan to a success (The
Local Planning Authority, pg.10).

It can be said that the vision match with the aims – which is exactly what
royal Borough wants to succeed. Vision and aims were similar but in order to
meet the aims, there must be objectives as guidelines, which are as following:

 * Improved
public transport – Visitors should have an easy access to the Windsor
Maidenhead, but it is important to keep the travelling environmentally
   therefore improvements towards public
transport is made (The Local Planning
   Authority, pg.15)
* Product (+ Family; Business and Events)
–  In order to bring in families as well
   business-related meetings or events,
they have come with to market more
   intensively the Legoland and Windsor Castle
or for the means of work, to build a


   good conference buildings and suitable
hotels (The Local Planning
   Authority, pg. 16).



* Marketing messages for staying visitors
– To make sure that London and Heathrow
   approximately is understood, which therefore
includes to rebrand Windsor.

    – Destination has to be repositioned to make
it family friendly (The Local Planning
    Authority pg.17).

* Information – To deliver reachable,
correct and suitable information that puts
                         needs of the visitors
first and to facilitate information among the local
                         tourism industry (The Local Planning  Authority, pg.19)

* People – to make sure that the staff
members, especially the ones, who work
                 in customer service behave
as proud ambassadors, also they should
                 know the visitors need
and are knowledgeable about the destination (The
                 Local Planning Authority,
pg. 20)

4. What primary and secondary research was
undertaken prior to the
     compilation of these aims and


The tourism
development plan is very similar to previous plan that took place between
2011-2015. The purpose is that the strategy will remain the same but it is just
adjusted, refreshed and improved (The Local Planning Authority, pg.10). The
main information, which is needed is the (domestic and overseas) visitor
numbers, length of stay, expenditure and which type of people coming to the
borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. Since previously the data has been collected
already, there was no need to spend the time and money to create a new primary
research, but to use the secondary findings (The Local Planning Authority, pp.

5 and 10). Tourism South East Research did a survey about tourism motivation and
satisfaction to visit the borough. Unfortunately, there were approximately 400
participants and the duration was only from June to
September based in Windsor. The issue is that the number of participators is a
very small number to generalise it to the public. Therefore, survey should be
conducted again so it can be extended and applied across the Borough.

5. How was the plan subject to public

have not consulted much with local people, because they are more interested of visitors
need. It has also been stated that they put visitors needs at first, which can
be also translated as that local’s opinion is not as important, because Borough
is interested to rise their income rather than the well-being of their people.


6. What product(s) are being offered? How
will these be positioned, promoted
     and distributed?


which will be offered are family-friendly destination and to be able to
identify new business regards to tourism opportunities (The Local Planning
Authority, pg.13) The product promotion is done with the help of external
campaigns, due to the limited resources that the Borough has. The product is
not only distributed to


but as well to USA, Australia, Germany and France, because these are the major
countries that brings for the destination the major income in the tourism
sector (The Local Planning Authority, pg.17).


7. What human resources issues have been
identified in the plan? How does
     the TDP propose to address these?

One of the issues could be
the recruitment process, when new jobs are created due to the action plan. When
existing employees are hired to a new job, this means instant loss of an
employee from the old position and new employee should be replaced anyways. So,
new employees must be hired anyways, which means that this will mean in turn
extra expenditure and loss in time to train the new employees. Therefore,
solution could be that trainers will use on the job training method on new



8. How will the plan be financed?

RBWM Visitor Management Team adds to the industry an important value, which
are: strategic leadership; creating knowledge and networks and operational
delivery. Local authority funding in context of national level is reduced,
which means that unlikely there will be no new supporters for this plan, due to
the reason that tourism is not a statutory service (The Local Planning
Authority, pg.10). In means of marketing, a project have got currently a
limited resources, therefore it is strongly under the discussion of joining external
campaigns. The opportunity, which is considered is to bid a funding from
outside through the England Development Fund or another option is to encourage
private businesses to work together to develop marketing messages, which will
be help to grow the market overall (The Local Planning Authority, pg.17).

9. Who will be responsible for the plan? Is
there a separate implementation


Local Planning Authority, Planning Policy Team and Planning Services is
responsible for the RBWM tourism action plan 2017-2020.
Documents that are already prepared related to the action plan is Saved
policies of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Local Plan, which was
created already back in 2003.

that are under creation are:

– Guidance
for the future development in the Borough, when it comes to strategies, it
  will be stated in the Borough Local

– Also numerous of other supporting documents will be created, such as
  Supplementary Planning Documents,
Authority Monitoring Report (Planning Services, pg. 4-5).












10. How will the plan be monitored and



11. What is the timescale for completion?


duration of the action plan is 3 years, 2017-2020. Plan itself is divided into five
categories and each section has the action split into task groups that has to
be done within a certain year:
* Travel and Transport objectives – In year one it is planned that existing
   information is worked through and then
to create a template for the stakeholders to
   make sure the consistency of
information about the travels to the Borough. A task
   in year two is about the research of
destinations that will success in achieving
   traffic free centres and share
learnings. Then, in first two years the task is to bring

   back fast train service between
Waterloo-Windsor and Eton Riverside. Year two
   and three the goal is to be in a partnership
with TFL relation to Crossrail to launch
   packages of travel, stay experience.

However, within all these years two things
   that will be done in each year are to
keep in continues contact with the steering
   group and in case of any questions or
issues regards to transport link between
   LHR and RBWM has to be consulted with
them. Lastly, influence decisions
   towards coach parking in the Borough.  
* Product objective – First year is all about auditing a family product and
identify the
   marketing messages; develop a selfie
trail for the families; to make sure that the
   product that goes through audit 3,4
and 5 is suitable for MICE. In year one and two
   travelling plan and packages are under
a development for MICE buyers and to the
   family market. In the final two years,
it is encouraged tourism related businesses to
   develop a product or a service that
suits for the MICE market.

* Marketing objectives – offers to VisitBritain’s Discover England Fund to
   rebranding exercise for Windsor as ”London’s
Country Estate”. Within year 1 and
   2 the aim is to create a good marketing
message towards families. So they know
   that the destination is family
friendly; marketing campaign will be
   delivered to MICE in order to grow
business tourism in RBWM.

Over the three
   years they try to reposition Windsor
as ”London’s Country Estate”. As well exploit
   VisitEngland’s main areas such as
understanding and sharing global best prices or
   getting support directly from the
national government.
* Information
objective – in 2017 there are two targets to meet: Investing for web
   development, SEO and to other technical
advancements; to reach extended and
   increased PR service by the support
from industry partners. Throughout the three
   years it will be all about to
implement new social media strategy; improve
   opportunities to extend the facilities
and services of the VIC and lastly tailor
   information will be used in marketing
communication for appropriate key audience.
* People objective – Between 2017-2020, there will be continues training
   opportunities, continues development
and growth in scheme of Royal Borough
   Ambassador and also to find
opportunities to gain revenue from the Ambassador
   scheme.  Only in year two there will be beginning to
build new hotels.

                                                                          (The Local
Planning Authority, 21-25).                                                            





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