Compositional of music, such as techno, reggae and jungle.

Compositional methods


Dubstep has a number
of different musical influences, the genre name stemming from the combination
of (dub) and two (step) garage. Although the style takes on characteristics
from many other styles of music, such as techno, reggae and jungle.

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Like many of its parenting
genres, dubstep takes a very minimalist approach with its percussion. It often uses
syncopated and off beat drum patterns, a swing that is largely attributed to
its reggae origins. Another staple in traditional Dubstep percussion seems to
be the use of experimental tribal drum samples, which are often chopped and
manipulated to fit the nature of the basic kick, snare and high-hat drum




The drum patterns
tend to be minimal in Dubstep because of the sound system culture that
surrounds the genre. Club nights are often played on sound systems capable of
playing low frequencies at extremely high wattages, so the bassline is often that
main focal point in. The most well-known characteristic of Dubstep is what is often
referred to as the ‘Wobble bass’. The parameters of low frequency oscillators
on a synthesizer are automated to created a ‘wobble’ effect