Community outrage and mourning are not enough to strengthen

Community is the main
theme of this paper and the general issue discussed, is the problem that the
community has with guns. The topic of my research is America’s problem with
Guns, which includes the gun statistics, incidents, problems with the law and
the general attitude of the community toward guns.

            I will discuss in my research, the incidents that have
taken place over the years. For example, information about Sand Hook Elementary
School, and how a gunman killed 20 children, six adults and himself. The main
problem is that even though, after such a horrific incident, no significant gun
laws have been passed at the federal level. There was also a mass shooting in
Las Vegas, which killed 58 people and shooting in Sutherland Springs, which
killed 25 people (Lopez). Another problem with this is that after an incident,
a debate sparks up about gun laws, but then the debate cools down, as the time
passes. Communities outrage when incidents in schools or concerts take place,
but the outrage and mourning are not enough to strengthen the laws of the
country, about guns. In order to further understand the problem, the
relationship between guns and America needs to be clarified.

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            Through my research, I have also understood that the
problem here is that the NRA and the gun manufacturers, care more about the
sales of guns, than they care about the lives of the people. Whenever something
happens, people hold vigils, they call their elected officials, some shrug
their holders, while others hold charity functions for those have been
affected. However, there is no meaningful action taken in this case (Prabhu).

is also a need to know about the background of the shooter and to observe the
trend. According to Kelsey Cochran, there are mass shooters who have a history
of aggression and violence, particularly towards women. Seung-Hai Cho killed 32
people at Virginia Tech in 2007, and prior to that, he was investigated for the
stalking of two females, who were his classmates. Elliot Rodger is another
name, who killed six people and wounded 13 in Isla Vista in 2014 (Cochran); it
was found out that he was obsessed with those women who rejected him and threw
coffee at two women on the bus, who didn’t smile at him.

know about community and what it can do for the gun violence problem, I
researched about the different ways people within a community can help. The
first thing that people can do is to keep on pressuring their local officials
to make strict laws about guns and ban assault weapons from being sold. As soon
as time passes after an incident, people forget to pressure the local officials
and they stop taking any interest in the matter as well. The second thing that
the people can do is to keep an eye on the people in their neighborhood and
observe their behavior. Those who aggressive towards women, or those who openly
carry guns, should be directly reported to the cops. Thirdly, there is a lot of
research on how having meetings within the community and finding solutions for
the gun violence problem, can help educate people and raise awareness(Mack).

This would also give people the chance to know other people, and to assess if
there are any red flags that they need to report or be concerned about. The
best contribution that the community can make towards this gun violence
problem, is to  raise awareness and
educate people on how they can protect themselves from guns, how they need to educate
their children never to play with guns and how as a community, they can prevent
gun violence.

want to further conduct my research about the solutions that communities have
come up with and how they are safeguarding their communities from gun violence.

I also want to study about the soft laws that lead to guns falling into the
wrong hands and how it leads to loss of innocent lives. I want to present
arguments that the pro gun people give and then the counterarguments,based on
research, on how guns are used in America and how it makes communities unsafe.