Communicative at 4:10pm, because there were technological difficulties getting

Communicative Situation: On January 18th, 2018, Sandy Lawrence, a
retired physician and environmental enthusiast, gave a 50-minute lecture on
various aspects of the environment, specifically addressing the problems
surrounding the ocean. The speech was one of the many speeches within the
Huxley Speaker Series here at Western Washington University. He gave the speech
on campus in the Academic Center West building, room 204. The lecture hall was
medium sized and could fit around 200 people. The stage itself was clear of
everything except a desk with a computer monitor on it, as well as, two
projector screens. The speech was scheduled to commence at 4 o’clock, yet Mr.

Lawrence began the informative speech at 4:10pm, because there were
technological difficulties getting his computer and the projector to work. The
time of day in which the speech was done was roughly around time that classes
were finishing up, so the speech felt more laid back, yet serious because of
the topic at hand. Going on, the demographics of the room consisted of a large
majority of environmental sciences/studies students, as well as some elderly
folks wanting to know more about the variety of topics Mr. Lawrence was to talk

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Speaker: Sandy Lawrence obtained his medical degree from University of
Missouri at Columbia and taught medicine for 16 years at University of
California at Davis. However, since his retirement in 2010, he began to focus
on climate change, global energy systems and the history of science. He has taken
his skills in teaching and applied them to the many seminars he has led here at
Western in the past. Moving on to appearance, Mr. Lawrence was dressed casually
in a beige button up and khakis. He looked as though he was dressing the part
of environmentalist and adventurer. Going on, he did not use any form of notes
to guide his speech, he went off of the graphics on the slides of his PowerPoint
and by memorization. He had a quick pace when speaking, but slowed down his
words when they needed to be emphasized. He used hand motions and walked calmly
back and forth in front of the audience.

Message: Overall, I thought that Mr. Lawrence would have been more
organized if he had had more than 50 minutes to cover all the topics he had
planned to talk about. He planned to elaborate on nine different topics
relating to the ocean, yet he only got to four of those topics. The topics he
did get the chance to explain included, climate change, glaciers, energy and
sun radiation. Mr. Lawrence spoke in depth about all of these topics, so much so
that he ran out of time to speak about acidification, deoxygenation, coral
bleaching, plastic accumulation and overfishing. The overall relevance of his
speech was spot on, he was talking to a room of environmental majors and most
of them were taking notes, most likely for later research in their classes or
for extra credit opportunities.

Impact: To be honest, the speech overwhelmed me. He threw out a lot of
numbers and data about the environment that I had no idea how to process. Had I
known more about the topics he spoke about, I would have been able to
comprehend the information he explained. The reason why I went to this specific
speech was to learn about plastic accumulation for information on my
informative speech about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, but sadly he skipped
over that topic. If he had more time, I believe that his speech would have been
highly impactful.