Communication he cursed Pope Francis because of the traffic

Communication bridges understanding and interaction
among people. Verderber K. & Verderber R. (2010) explained that communication
is a process by which the message is delivered from one person to another to
create interaction. She said, “Communication is the process of sharing meaning,
whether the context is informal conversation, group interaction, or public


According to Matjasic (2014), Public
Speaking is the process or act of delivering a speech to a group, mainly with
the purpose to inform, persuade, and entertain. It is also considered as giving
the public a well-researched, prepared, and structured lecture.

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Speech, on the other hand, is a form of
verbal communication that serves as the way to disseminate information, inspire
a person, and state a story. According to Sapir (1921), “Speech is a human
activity that varies without assignable limit as we pass from social group to
social group, because it is a purely historical heritage of the group, the
product of long-continued social usage.”


Furthermore, a President’s speech serves
as his way of reporting what he have done to the masses and for the masses.
Mann (2005) said in an interview by the Voice of America, “It’s an opportunity
for the President to try to shape the policymaking agenda to influence public


Time Magazine on 2002 dubbed then Davao
City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as The
Punisher, “for his iron-fisted rule and unconventional methods of fighting
crime in Davao” (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 2016). He was also linked to the
Davao Death Squad, a vigilante group that said to be responsible for several
unsolved extrajudicial killings, where victims were petty crime suspects and
drug dealers, as well as journalists and children.


            During his
presidential campaign, he created national and international abuzz due to his
controversial remarks. He caught the eyes of media when he cursed Pope Francis
because of the traffic congestion it caused during his visit; rape remarks on
the hostage-taking incident in 1989 in Davao; and according to Rañada (2016),
his campaign promise which is “to suppress crime, drugs, and corruption in
government in 3 to 6 months.”


In this light, the researchers analyzed
President Duterte’s delivery of  speeches
in his first 100 days in office aired in the Radio-Television Malacanang