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Common misconceptions about motivation motivation is the energy that drives a person to do certain things to act. You feel it when you get the answers to the questions what you do and why you do. There are many misconceptions regarding motivation- money is the motivation so many people think that money is the motivator but it is not always true. Everyone likes praise and recognition and they take it as a motivation rather than money. Money is of course a requirement you have to pay bills and buy groceries but it does not give you that happiness which you get from the appraisals and respect from colleagues. Just write down goals and you will be successful many people believe that writing down the goals will make them successful but not for everyone. There was research conducted after graduating from college students were asked to write down there goals in life. And after years researchers found out that only small percentage of students who wrote their goals in a specific way was richer. It is a good thing that you really know what you really want to achieve. Writing down goals clearly and very specifically does help but it has nothing to do with motivation. Every employee has same motivation the boss of the company thinks that his employees can be motivated by money or bonus anything. But its not true; every employee has his own motivating factor. As a boss you should know the motivation of each of your employee. Visualize what you want to achieve sometimes it helps but most of the time people fail. People just stuck in dreams and think that success will come to them. You dont visualize the difficulties sacrifices you will have to make to be a successful person. Fantasizing about future and daydreams actually tale so much there a time that now they are left with less than the required time. The easiest way is to motivate yourself is in the comfort zone on the contrary the motivation directly depends on the level of danger. in comfort zone you distract yourself from work and start wasting your time. You start worrying about your work before the deadline. You work so fast and so much at last moment when you are not in comfortable position. Fear is not a great motivation it is not at all true. You try to finish your work as soon as possible because of fear of loss of a job. You make a good presentation for class because you are afraid of the teacher. It is a temporary and you want to get out of that situation as soon as possible but for completing the task your fear was the motivator.