” combines classic strength and conditioning along with gymnastics

” This is insane” is the first thought you
would have when you enter a cross fit gym. Trainees are laying on the ground
trying to grasp some air, while the coaches are screaming: is that all you’ve
got at them. If you are bored of doing the same routine in the gym every week,
then cross fit is the sport for you.  Cross fit is a mix of diverse exercises. Cross Fit combines classic
strength and conditioning along with gymnastics movements, Olympic
weightlifting, and other functional movements into a constantly varied, high
intensity workout. The main goal of cross fit is to do
maximize the amount of work in the shortest period of time. Cross fit is driven
by data, cross fitters tend to write the WOD (work out of the day) on a white
board and keep a running clock to finish each workout on time (1). Cross fit can develop the trainer stamina
and strength rapidly over a short period of time. But, is that a healthy sport
to practice? More importantly, is it for everyone ?  Greg Glassman (the founder of cross fit)
Started individual training in 1970’s. And, in 1995 he opened his first gym in
Santa Cruz, California. At that time, he was training the police academy in
Santa Cruz. His training method was consisting of high intensity work out with
a diet of High protein/low Carbohydrate. In 2000 he established cross fit
website, and in 2005 there were only 13 gyms in cross fit. Today there are more
than 13,000 gyms in 120 different countries.(2) Cross fit
programs are designed to increase the physical level of performance in a
diverse way. It boosts the stamina and strength. Cross fit burns fat in an
effective way because it consists of high intensity workout over a short period
of time(3).Cross fit is well knitted community, you will feel welcomed as soon as
you start your first session. Cross fitters cheer each other up during their
training. It have limitless varieties in workouts, unlike regular gyms where
you can have the same routine every day/week. Cross fit have the WOD system
where you can new practice almost every day. With the WOD system, you can get
out of the comfort zone by practising new skill everyday. Cross fit is being trained in the us
army these days and it has proven that it developed the soldiers swiftly over a
8 week program (4).  But, what are the downsides of cross fit? Practising cross fit isn’t for beginners.

Because of the high intensity workouts, and the mixture of Olympic weight
lifting and gymnastics movements. It is necessary to have a decent amount of
agility and stamina before practising it. Also, the WOD system can be tricky.

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Some trainees don’t have enough stamina to follow it, and they end up injuring
themselves. Many argue that cross fit have a high chance of injury. But, this
argument is invalid. According to an investigation performed at the University
of Rochester school of Medicine and Dentistry, it was found cross fit like any
other sport have a reasonable rate of injury (mostly in neck and back) (5).

Also, memberships in cross fit gyms are pretty expensive in comparison to other
gyms. It varies from 40-70$/ 2 training sessions per week.  

In conclusion, cross fit methods develop
strong,health and well-rounded athletes. It provides real and interesting
challenges and potential for personal growth. But, in order to get the optimum
benefit of it, you must be prepared, Physically and mentally. Cross fit is not
for beginners. You have to get a decent amount of endurance before starting it.

If practised without preparation, it can lead to serious injuries. If you are a
beginner in sport and you want to practice cross fit, then it isn’t for you. I
would advise you to join a regular gym and develop your body first.