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Collective identities are dynamic and depend on the context. They are constructed and depend on promoters. Collective identities rest upon a tradition, most often a common history, and maintain a close relationship to values. A sense of belonging can not be manufactured.But it can arise from a shared cultural awareness, which is why Europe should not just focus on economics but also on culture, citizenship,and education. Generally , the idea of European citizenship is very new. Some strong symbols of shared identity already exist, as an example I would name the European passport, which is in use since 1985.Except that, we have EU driving licence, EU has a “Europe Day” which is celebrated on 9th of May. Even a motto , as “United in diversity” exist. However, respect for diversity and respect for the individual, are more than just political view in Europe. As a citizen of EU you are not just an individual , you also have a specific political rights:Regardless of your nationality, you have had the right to vote and to stand as a candidate in local elections in your country of residence and in elections to the European Parliament.You have the right to petition the Commission to put forward a legislative proposal – provided you can find a million people from a significant number of EU countries to sign your petition.I also suppose , that a sense of belonging comes ,with the feeling personally involved in EU decision-making. The idea of every citizens right to participate elections is an important  feature for EUs democratic legitimacy.It is vital to mention that collective identity becomes a part of person’s individual identity. What I mean by that , is by participating in social activities a person can develop a sense of belonging and the identity that goes beyond the person. This is why I find very important the idea of shared democracy and an opportunity for all Europeans to participate there.For me , as a citizen of Estonia, which is quite recently joined the EU, being a European means sharing common values.  Shared values guarantee the coherence of the Gemeinschaft and at the same time form the basis for collective political action. Being a European is enjoying the advantages and four freedoms created by Union for its people. If you are the citizen of EU you have right to travel , work and live anywhere in the European Union.