Cold. village had a murderer that had never had

Cold. All she had known for three days was cold. She was trekking up the side of a mountain, trying to reach the secluded village that was hidden above the clouds. She was on the ‘Long Journey’, a pilgrimage that her people considered very important as well as the transition to adulthood. She had grown up learning how the marvelous art of investigation and how to solve the most complicated of crimes. She was traveling to every village that was in need of her exquisite detective skills. She had trained for many years to become the best detective in her village, then once she had, she had to travel to every village that required her services. She heard that this particular village had a murderer that had never had been caught. The murderer had been killing young women for about 3 months, no one knowing why or how he got away with the murders, because they were done in broad daylight with many people around, but the bodies were only found a couple hours after the women died. This was one of the last stops on her journey. When she finally reached the village, she discovered that there was already a crowd of people surrounding a dead body. When she asked the guard nearby what had happened and what was going on, the guard said that this was only one of the recent murders that had occurred lately. She asked if the murderer had been caught yet, but the guard said that there weren’t even any suspects yet. She asked the guard if she could help with the investigation. He told her to talk to the witnesses surrounding the crime scene. When she did, they gave her various answers. Tova the beggar told her that she had heard a scream, but when she came to the scene, the girl was already dead. Helena the undertaker noticed that her wallet was still on her body, which meant that it wasn’t a robbery. Sir Coring the Bard said that he saw someone running away but that he didn’t get a good look at him. When Lilith told the guard the information she had found, he was understandably frustrated. After the guard was told this, he told Lilith to talk to the mayor’s advisor if she wanted to help, because the guards were, at the time, too busy fighting the savages that occasionally attacked the village. When Lilith goes to the advisor to ask to help, he says that she can help, and that he will pay her if she can find the murderer. She then goes back to the crime scene and finds a trail of blood leading to the door of the undertaker’s building. Lilith then goes to talk to the undertaker. She walks inside the building, seeing all of the recently deceased as well as the long dead, finding the undertaker tending to the most recent victim, Sally the barmaid. When Lilith asked Helena how the murderer killed Sally, Helena reluctantly revealed that the weapon used was a curved blade used by the ancients of the village long, long ago. When Lilith asked Helena how hard it was to get one of these blades, she said that they were extremely rare and valuable. Helena told Lilith that if she wanted to find out where she could find one these blades, she should talk to Sir Coring the Bard, because he had turned his house into a museum of interesting things after his singing career had ended. He had collected things from his travels as a bard, and once his career was over, he began his ‘house of oddities’. Lilith then went to Sir Coring’s house, but he wasn’t there. She then went to the local tavern to see if he was there. She then asked the local patron if he was here. As it turns out, he was there. Lilith then asked him if he knew about the ancient curved blades that were used to kill all of the victims. He said that he had one in his collection. Lilith asked him how he got the blade. He said that he had bought it from an adventurer who had himself found it on the dead of an ancient king in a burial site that he had been excavating. She then went back to the crime scene to see if she had missed any clues. When she got there, she noticed a fainter, darker, trail of blood, leading to a house in the richer district of the village. She went back to the tavern to see if anyone knew who the house belonged to. She went to the patron of the tavern, who told her that the house was called Hearthfire, and it was owned by Viola Smith. Mrs. Smith was a recently tragic struck woman, she had recently lost her son to a tragic accident involving an avalanche. Lilith asked her if anyone was living in her house. Mrs. Smith said that she had abandoned the house after her son died. When Lilith asked her if she could go inside the house, Mrs. Smith was confused, for she had no idea why Lilith wanted to go into that house. Lilith told her it was because she had noticed a trail of blood leading up to the house, and she thought that the murderer might be using it as his hideout. Even though Mrs. Smith was shocked to think that the murderer had been hiding out in her house, she said that Lilith could look inside her house for clues, and gave her the key. Lilith then went to the house to investigate. As soon as she opened the door, she immediately noticed the trail of blood in the middle of the floor. She also noticed a chest that had been recently moved, a couple of chairs stacked strangely on the floor, and a wardrobe. Just an average wardrobe, except that it had been nailed to the wall for some reason. When she opened it, she discovered a false back panel leading to a secret room. It was the room of a necromancer! She was disgusted by the body parts strewn all over the place, except on the stone table in the middle of the room, where the body parts were put in a careful order. She also found a journal belonging to the murderer, also known as the butcher, as she had learned from the flyers in the chest that she had found. It stated various measurements for bone meal, flesh, and blood. Lilith deduced someone was trying to bring someone else back to life! After she left the room, she noticed a misshapen pile of those flyers on a shelf. When she picked them up, she found an amulet under them. Once finished with her investigation of the house, she went to find the person who had drawn up the flyers, Lydia Dominick. She knew who the flyers were made by because that person’s name was on the flyer to contact. Lilith found her walking around in the market district. She asked her about the flyers. Lydia said that she had been trying to catch the murderer for weeks, but she had been unsuccessful. That is why she had been putting up the flyers. She felt threatened because all of the victims were women. She then showed her the amulet that she had found in the house. Lydia told Lilith to talk to Sir Coring, because he might know about it. Lilith then went back to the tavern to talk to Sir Coring about the amulet. Sir Coring told her it was the fabled ancient Necromancer’s Amulet! She asked if anyone in the town practiced necromancy. He told her that he heard rumors about how the mayor’s court mage Thorin the wise practiced necromancy, but he wasn’t sure. He also asked if he could buy the amulet off of her to add to his collection, but Lilith told him she would show it to the advisor first, then she would think about it. Lilith immediately took this information, along with the amulet, to the mayor’s advisor. The advisor was thrilled that she had caught the murderer, and immediately went with a guard to arrest Thorin. Thorin protested, but he was quickly thrown into jail without a second thought. The mayor himself then awarded Lilith one hundred dollars for capturing the murderer, and Lilith did not complain of the low amount of money, because she knew the village was very poor. Three days passed, with Lilith getting much praise and thanks from the villagers for finding the murderer and stopping the threat to them. She decided, for no particular reason, to visit Thorin in jail. When she went down to talk to him, he immediately said that he had been framed! He said that he had never practiced necromancy in his life, and that he was a very respectable person. When Lilith asked him about the amulet, he asked her to describe it, when she did he was astonished. He had thought the amulet was lost to the ages long ago. Lilith told him that she had found it in the house where the murderer had been hiding out. He asked who had told her that he was the one who had committed the crimes, she told him that it was Sir Coring. He said that he knew that Sir Coring had a grudge against him ever since he had refused to help him save his sister. He said that the reason he did not help is because she was already dead, and that Coring was in shock and grief. Thorin then said to seek out Sir Coring tonight and see if something happened. When she did, she discovered a dead body! The murderer had struck again! The next morning, she went back to the tavern to seek out Coring. When she found him, she was shocked! He was a total wreck. Face all red, tear stains streaking down his face. When she asked why he was so distraught, he said that it was the three year anniversary of his sister’s death. She told him that she was sorry for his loss. He told her that he would avenge his sister’s death if it was the last thing that he would do. Lilith asked him why he worded it that way instead of just saying that she died. He told her it was because his sister was murdered! She was killed by a wizard, and Coring had always suspected Thorin of being the wizard, and that is why he thought he might be the killer in the village. She then left the tavern, but stayed behind, waiting for Sir Coring to go outside. Eventually, he did, and walked all around the village, buying groceries, talking to various people, and getting ready for the winter. She followed him all the way to his house, where she snuck in, and looked around while he was sleeping. She then found a journal of his telling how he was going to use necromancy to bring his dead sister back to life! While she was reading this, she heard him sneak outside. She quickly followed him, trying to be as stealthy as possible, and eventually found him in an alleyway. But she was too late. All that she found was the body of his latest victim, Mrs. Smith. She could not believe it. After just talking to Mrs. Smith the other day she couldn’t believe that she was dead. She was slowly going into shock. She quickly recounted all of the evidence that she had collected, the pamphlets put up by Miss Dominick, the amulet that she found in the murderer’s hideout, Hearthfire, which was owned by Mrs. Smith, the evidence pointing to Thorin the wise, and yet, she still only had one suspect as well as concrete proof that it was Sir Coring. She just saw him in this alley, as well as this dead body. As she was thinking this over, she noticed a hand slowly creeping up behind her. She quickly knocked it out of the way, turning around to discover that it was Sir Coring! He had come back to kill her! Even though she put up a good fight, he brought up a cloth to her face, and then the world started to go dark. The last thing Lilith saw, was Coring pulling out the ancient, curved blade. The End