Cloud project will also enable IT organization to apply

Cloud Computing is
a model for enabling access to shared pool of resources( networks, server,
storage etc) which can be rapidly deployed over the internet. It is quite
popularly used in the corporate IT industries. In fact, cloud’s potential has
captured the attention of business leaders across every vertical industry,
looking to capitalize on its speed, scale, control and economics. But, all of
this makes it necessary to have a secure cloud. There have been various
techniques to do the same like SSL (Secure Socket Layer), Encryption, Intrusion
Detection System, Multi tenancy based access controlled, etc.

It is a common
misconception to assume that external attacks are the most damage causing in
cloud but survey conclude that the most serious damage is caused by insider
attacks. Hence, data protection is an integral part of the cloud experience,
one which is often ignored by organizations.

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Data Masking is
one such way to tackle the security issue of data protection. Data Masking is
the technique of obfuscating sensitive data to prevent exposure of this data.
It is performed as per the access privileges of the user.

The Project deals
with the security issue of Data protection in the IT Corporate industry, it
will help to prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive information
while also dramatically decrease the risk of data breach. It also includes customizing
Data Masking solutions for different regulatory or business requirements. This
project will also enable IT organization to
apply sophisticated masking to  limit  sensitive
 data  access
 with    flexible data masking rules based on a user’s authentication level. Blocking
unauthorized users, auditing the
data, and alerting
in case of data breaches, IT personnel, and outsourced teams who access sensitive information, it ensures
compliance with security policies and
industry and civil privacy regulations.

Data Masking is the approach to replace the
existing sensitive information from test or development environment with
realistic but not real information. Data masking techniques will obscure specific
data within a database table It ensures data security is maintained while
obscuring specific data within a database table or a database server.

Data masking is an effective strategy in reducing
the risk of data exposure and data breaches from both inside and outside an
organization, and must be considered a norm for provisioning non-production
databases. Effective data masking requires data to be altered in such a way
that actual values are re-engineered, while retaining the functional and
structural meaning of the data, so that it can be used in a meaningful way
without compromising on security.