‘CHOKING in the air suffocation. This game that comes


            Adolescence is known as the group of
young people that are in a time of exploration and the initiation of the risky
behaviour. This risky behaviour such as smoking, violence also the sexual
promiscuity had been concerned and attention’s given by the society. However, the
self-strangulation or also known as choking game which categorize as the
serious behaviour have received little attention by the society from the
developed world (AlBuhairan, 2015). Self-strangulation or called as the choking
game is carried out by the adolescents in response to the peer pressure. A self
strangulation or strangulation activity by another person with the use of hands
or a noose to achieve a brief euphoric state that causes the cerebral hypoxia is
well defined the self-asphyxial risk-taking behaviour or the choking game
(Laura Re, 2014).   

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is the extreme condition caused by lack of oxygen and excess of carbon dioxide
in the blood that is produced by the interference with respiration or
insufficient oxygen in the air suffocation. This game that comes from many
techniques is widely spread all over the world and even played for generations
from children until the adolescent without considering the consequences of the
youth dies. Death that cause by self-asphyxial risk-taking behaviour usually
classified as the suicide or the accidental deaths. People who played the
choking game usually want to compare and see who is the toughest or who can go
longest without passing out (Laura Re, 2014). Others will think the game seems
funny for them. Risk activity such as the choking game will leads towards the
malfunction of the brain thus can cause the death. However, how this activities
receive only small attention by the society especially in the institution such
as the students at the schools?

being stunted by the violence cases that was the burning of 23 people from
Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah tahfiz and brutal abuses that naval cadet Zulfarhan
Osman Zulkarnain and students T. Nhanveen that suffered in the hands of their peers
that lead to death (Azizan, 2017), Malaysian again being exposed towards the
students behaviour and activities that leads towards the death. These cases
happened among adolescence involving the students in primary and secondary
school and also the higher institution students. Hamid (2017) in the local
news, Harian Metro reported the ‘choking game’ that viral among the secondary
school students are dangerous that will cause the death. It becomes more
surprisingly happened at the school among students who are staying at the
hostel. Somehow, others reported that the game not only played by the students
who are staying at the school hostel, but also they played it at the school
when there is no teacher in the classroom. How these activities are able to happen
at the school where there are teachers around? Does the school discipline are
put in concerned among the teachers and well emphasize in school?

studies from the other research have declared the choking game will cause the
death. Deputy Minister of Health, Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya as reported by
Rusli (2017) in Sinar Harian reminded the students not to play the game
continuously for their fun. This is because the pass out challenge for the 5
seconds can cause the death within 5 minutes. Minister of Education, Datuk Seri
Mahdzir Khalid in Sinar Harian (2017) also warned the students and enforce the
choking game to be banned at school. It has become as the discipline cases due
to the immoral activities that will cause the students labelled as the murderer
if they causes the death.


Attitude towards School Discipline   

such aggressive behaviours happened at school, teachers will be concerned as
the people who are responsible to look after and take the actions towards the students’
behaviour and discipline at the school. Evertson and Emmer (1982) defined
discipline as the intention of performing the desired behaviours by the
individuals from the undesired behaviours. Teachers play the roles in the
classroom not only in the teaching and learning process for the academic
purposes but they need to concern about the classroom discipline. Therefore, in
order to have the good management for the classroom discipline, teachers must
have the knowledge about the theories to develop and implement in the
association with undesired students’ behaviour.

(2015) in the research view the teachers’ perception on the discipline among
the students are based on the individually intrinsic process. But, it is an
external interaction and interactive process in the social terms. Teachers aim
the students that are usually act indiscipline behaviour have low motivation
and their self-control. However, not all the teachers take part in students’
discipline matter. This is because they feel that they were unable to cope with
the discipline issues thus much less resolve the discipline problems they faced
each day. In schools, teachers are more focusing on the academic progress and
achievement. This is happens especially among the boarding schools that aims
for the image of being the cluster and high prestige school. Teachers usually
focused on the academic progress while the discipline and behaviours problem is
totally put on the discipline teachers and also the warden. They are supposed
to cooperate together to prevent the negative behaviours instead of taking the
responsibilities only in teaching process.     

Failure of students is said because
of the failure of the teachers. The failure not only in teaching the subjects
but it is also refers to the skills as an adult in controlling the children. Without
the teachers’ concern towards the discipline issues in school, they may not
maintain the healthy view of discipline unless they are assisted by the school
administrator (Ugurlu, 2015). In schools, any behaviour and the activity such
the choking game that seems fun for the students must be under the concern of
the teachers. Teachers will be put on the responsibilities for any consequences
from the students’ behaviour. Therefore, the stress condition will occur in
school if they did not pay much attention towards the discipline matter and do
not have good communication with the students.

Theorist Edward Ford (1994),
designed the theory of responsible thinking process in order to teach the
teachers and other educators on how to teach the students in developing a sense
of responsibility for their own lives of everyone around them. This process
enables students to think through what they are doing in relation to the rules
wherever they are. In order to achieve the good discipline management n the
classroom, teachers must focus on the students’ goal of achieving what they
want to do without the disturbance by others. In other words, teachers need to
emphasize the respect value among the students towards the others. However,
teachers need to have the control in supporting the students on their goals but
they must not encourage the students towards the bad attitudes.


of Discipline in School

is a rudimentary element that plays a crucial role in school system. It insists
in the upholding of the moral values among the students (Yahaya, 2009). Over
few decades, rewarding the students for meeting the school administrators’
expectation rather than punishing them due to their bad behaviour has become the
focus on the disciplinary options in controlling the discipline cases cause by
the bad behaviours. The shifted of the actions taken towards the discipline
cases in many schools aims in order to help students understand and change the
behaviour. The ideas are positively accepted in handling the disciplinary
issues of changing the behaviour of the students.

disciplinary teachers in their eagerness to carry out their duties may have
stepped across the border causing the physical and mental harm to the students.
Allen (2010) stated that teachers who applied the harsh discipline and the
hostile behaviour towards the students will create a school environment with
the increase of bad behaviour to occur. This is because students will be
influence by the harsh treatment model by the teachers. They will learn what
they see through the social environment following the social cognitive theory
(Bandura, 1989). The social control mechanism will be reduces due to the lack
of positive relations with the teachers.

Referring to the choking games
issues among the secondary school students, teachers will be questions by the
implementation of school discipline and their responsibilities towards the
students. Although teachers are not around with the students for every second
especially in the school hostel, they are still required to follow up the
activities of the students. Students that stayed at the school hostel are still
under the school responsibilities. Teachers who are not taking the
responsibilities in carrying their duties is said to have the unethical
behaviour towards their profession. When it comes to the issues either in
school or at the school hostel, what can teachers do to ensure all the students
obey the school rules? Lee and Marlene Canter (1976) in the theory emphasize on
the assertive discipline where the expectations of the rules and behaviour must
be clearly stated and enforced in the school rules. In this theory, teachers
are not encouraged to threat the students but it is necessary for them to encourage
the behaviour changes among students with the fair consequences for the
improper behaviour. Hence, firm voices and the constant eye contacts are
suggested for this model to work. However, does it mean the assertive
discipline required teachers to practice on the corporal punishment?

Corporal punishment has been banned
in many western countries (Douglas, 2006, pp. 23-30). They see the corporal
punishment as the harsh treatment for the students and it was not the good
ideas of controlling the students’ discipline. This corporal punishment also
started to be banished in education system in Malaysia. However, in facing
these young generations, Perimbanayagam (2017) in the New Straits Times
reported Malaysia is not ready enough to abolish the corporal punishment in
schools. This is due to the large of an acute shortage of the trained
counsellors needed for the troubled youth and socio cultural values which
emphasise absolute obedience in children. However, the guideline laid down by
the Education Ministry must be strictly followed by the teachers in executing
the punishment. Students that stayed at the school hostel usually do not have
the freedom to do what they wish to do as they are restricted with the school
rules. However, such discipline cases as the choking game can be avoided by the
teachers who plays the firm characters and always patrol the student’ activity.
These students sometimes preferred for some motivations from good activities
that with the positive environment rather than the corporal punishment in order
for them to control the behaviours.


Discipline and the Prevention

            Discipline cases
are not only happened among the students. It is also occurs among the teachers
with the unethical behaviour towards their profession. The students’
misbehaviour is a prevailing problem affecting schools not only in Malaysia but
also across the many nations around the world. The misbehaviour of playing the
choking game is not new to the other countries as reported in New York Post by
Salo (2016). Salo in the news reported that police unable to define the choking
game cases that have been claimed to cause the death in many tears back. All
this activity of practicing the games are viral and become the trends among the
adolescence all over the countries including Malaysia are from the internet. It
is fortunate there’s no cases reported in Malaysia regarding the choking games
that cause the death.

internet has taken what has been a schoolyard game and expanded it explosively.
In order to prevent the increasing discipline cases among the youngster, the
responsibility are not only put on the organization and the schools, but there
must be the cooperation between teachers and also parents (Yahaya, 2009).
People need to work together in promoting the values and also the standards in
establishing the behavioural codes in the youngster life. Good communication
between parents and their child is important for not just leave the school
alone in the dark. If both parties could share the similar and ideal vision,
discipline problems can be dealt with much more effectively.

by the Rudolf Dreikurs (1972) and B F Skinner (1954) emphasize their theory of
the discipline among the students. Dreikurs viewed discipline as the mutual
respect on how the students want to behave. They will turn towards the mistaken
goals such as the attention, power and also the revenge and inadequacy when
they are not able to gain their genuine goals. Skinner in his theory of
preventing the misbehaviour of the discipline assumed that modifying the
environment will be important factor to modify the students’ behaviour. He did
not support the ideas of using punishment in school as the modification
technique of the students’ behaviour. Hence, the use of reinforcement will be
able to influence the students’ behaviour. Therefore, in order to implement the
good ideas among the theorist perceptions, the involvement of parents with the
cooperation from the teachers in dealing with the school indiscipline is important.

dealing with such poor behaviour of the choking game, parents need to take the
control and monitor their children even if they are in the school hostel.
Cooperation between teachers and parents to work on the prevention of the
school discipline helps to reduce the indiscipline in school (Guli, 2005). This
view of discipline also must be supported by the society. They need to create
the positive environment without the bad influence that will affect the
students’ behaviour. For example, teachers who are taking the responsibilities
to look after the students at the school hostel have more time to spend with
the students. Therefore, they can encourage and engage the students with the
activities after the school session such as the tournament, sports, games and
others. For those who are not stay at the school hostel, the responsibilities
move to the parents. Therefore, parents need to know how to encourage their
children in engaging with the activities that helps them from get into the
indiscipline behaviour. 

conclusion, choking game is well said through many researches which can give
bad effect towards the player which cause towards the death. Therefore,
teachers need to have the knowledge about the activities done by the students.
Students’ behaviour and discipline must be in concerned among the teachers
where they need to take part to ensure the discipline cases in the school or
the school hostel are under the control. Besides, the implementation of the
school rules must be emphasize according to the guideline as laid down by the
Ministry of Education. Teachers should not only focus on the academic side, but
they also need to take the concerns as their duties to control the students’
social behaviours. Therefore, they need to have the cooperation with the parents
and also the society towards the changes and improvement of the students’