Chiatram mining area, it cultivates big dust cloud that



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EET 117-001



Lithium and the Environment


            Lithium in our
environment has a huge impact towards the water reserves. The main sources of
Lithium for batteries would include brine
as well as salt lakes. This type
of metal is considered to be the lightest metal in the world. It is used to
create cellular devices, electric cars, cameras, laptops, etc. Lithium against
the world is a bad thing, but a good thing to citizens. Lithium causes an
undeviating impact towards water reserves.


Within the Salar de Atacama, water pollutions tend to happen because of
the making of Lithium. According to the reading, it states that the extraction
of the brine that is made in lithium that is produced from the groundwater,
causes the level of the groundwater to surely drop. The reason why this tends
to happen is because the groundwater is being evaporated in the ponds to
upsurge the lithium absorption. Trucks that carry any type of metal such as
lithium, tends to pollute the air. When the trucks enter the mining area, it
cultivates big dust cloud that end up polluting the air and making it harder to
breathe. In other words, Lithium is something that is used daily by everyone,
but many people do not know how these thing are made and produced. For example,
many people wouldn’t really think about all the pollution and water reserves
they have to cause in order to make the new iPhone. Lithium as well as the
things that are put together such as bring and salt lakes, both tend to produce  such damage to the environment, that could In
fact the people living around the mining area.


Nowadays the world is pretty much based on technology. All cars are
being fitted with the highest technology there is (e.g.  Tesla) but 85% of the population does not
really know how all of these things are made. Just making these small things
such as phones, pollute the air and water making it non-drinkable. Lithium
plays a huge pack towards pollution amongst our environment. It is producing
bad air to breathe, as well as poor water to drink for many people. All of
these plants are located in previously undisturbed natural areas.


According to statistics, it states that those lithium mines tend to
provide work opportunities as well as improvement within the economic income in
the regional population. This means that many people are eligible to work at
lithium mines. However, most times people would turn down the offer just
because of the work environment they are working with, is pleasantly unsafe and
not healthy at all. A lot of people who are desperate for jobs, would take
whatever they can get. Nevertheless, working in mines such as lithium mines is
something you would try to avoid. Reason being is because breathing in those
areas tend to be really bad for you, and the environment around you. It is very
unsafe, and most of the time they do not pay as much as you would expect.


To conclude, Lithium within our environment and other countries has a
massive impact towards our pollution as well as water reserves. Many people
should really look into how things such as phones, electric cars, and such, are
made. It would really make them look different towards everything.