Charles in 1897 he moved to the united states

Charles Luciano was an american mobster born in italy in 1897 he moved to the united states in 1906 he was unable to speak english and struggled in school he instead prefered to make money on the streets as a kid he would charge kids money for protection and if they didn’t give it to him he would beat them up himself. Charles dropped out of school in 1914 he worked at a hat company for a little but soon left for a more profitable criminal career He got involved in dealing drugs which he got caught for in 1916 he was caught selling heroin and spent 6 months in jail for it. Teenage charles became friends with Meyer Lansky, Benjamin Siegel, and Giuseppe who ended up being some of his most crucial alis. Charles continued street rackets until 1920 when prohibition began and charles decided to switch to a more profitable business he started a bootlegging operation and became one of six big criminals running bootlegging operations some of these criminals include Meyer Lansky and Benjamin Siegel two of charles childhood friends.Charles Luciano was also an associate of Arnold Rothstein who owned gambling and bootlegging operations. In 1929 charles narrowly escaped death when he was abducted and stabbed then left for dead on a beach lucky he was discovered by a police officer and taken to a hospital. It is believed a high ranking crime boss named Masseria was responsible. Charles had worked for Masseria in the past but had later began working with Maranzano charles was befriended by Maranzano and once charles began his bootlegging operation they quickly became allies Masseria was aware of this and likely ordered the hit after a territory war between him and Maranzano. After charles made a full recovery and was discharged from the hospital he continued his bootlegging operations until 1931 when charles had masseria killed he then swooped in and took his place at first Maranzano approved of his new position in charge of Masserias organization but later that year as charles became increasingly powerful Maranzano Viewed him as a threat and tried to take a hit out on him but luckily for charles he had been expecting that and immediately had maranzano killed. by the time prohibition ended in 1933 charles had expanded into a multiple markets like drug trafficking and prostitution with maranzano and masserias both dead he had little competition and continued to thrive he even made a network to defuse any conflicts between criminal organizations all was going well until 1935 when Thomas E. Dewey was appointed to serve as a special prosecutor to look into organized crime in 1936 charles and eight of his men were brought to trial they were all found guilty and Charles was sentenced to 30 to 50 years under extortion and prostitution charges. During WW2 charles used his criminal connections to advance the allies because once the war was over he was let out on parole and died in italy in 1962.