Character not a more known artist. Beginning junior year

   Character is defined as the combination of qualities or features that distinguishes one person, group, or thing from another. Character, to me, is who a person really is and what they want to become. Good character separates the successful and the unsuccessful, the good from the bad, and the righteous from the non-righteous. It is character itself who shapes the person and who they will become. I feel that because of what I learned, I can give so much to the UCF community with my passion and will to succeed.

    Dedication is a sign of loyalty and success. Throughout middle school and high school, I have been a huge fan of a singer named Austin Mahone. I fell in love with his talent and his similarities with me. However, his music has always been overlooked and never gets the recognition it deserves since he is not a more known artist. Beginning junior year is when he released his EP. A bunch of fellow fans around the world and I promoted him hard core from little things on social media, to going out and putting up posters and spreading the word to locals. We did this again when he announced that he was going on tour for the early summer of 2017. I always have felt as though that if I love and care for something so much, that I will be dedicated to do whatever I can for that. I would greatly show this attributes on the campus I love and care for. When I cherish something then I go the long way and work extra hard for it.

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    An often overlooked quality characteristic is the willingness to take risks. Taking risks signifies flexibility to any hardships that one may face. From trying to new food to trying new styles, I am always taking the risk to try something new…(not done) 

    A positive attitude and a smile shared can go a long way to a stranger who is having a bad day. In my experience, I feel that no day is a good time to waste being unhappy about something; therefore I am always looking for the bright side of things. This positive aura around me will contribute to a congenial attitude around campus, in and outside of the classrooms, not only by me, but by others that I affect.