Chapter to make furniture, make space for villas, or







Chapter 1


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The problem on Earth is that it
is becoming overpopulated. The humans are depriving the Earth of its natural
look for making space for Homo sapiens to live. With the current growth in
population, scientists have calculated that we may lose all lead by 2025, oil,
petroleum, and natural gas resources by 2040, and coal by 2127. We have
depleted most of the natural resources within 200 years of finding them. We are
also chopping off trees, to make furniture, make space for villas, or for
agricultural purposes. There is also a nuclear arms race amongst the developed
nations which by test-firing are also causing earthquakes, tsunamis, and an
increase in the global temperature to list a few of the major catastrophic
problems that lie ahead of us. When compared to 1970, almost 12% of the world’s
forests have disappeared. The amount of Carbon Dioxide on Earth is rising so
heavily, that researchers have set a goal not to allow the global temperature
rise by above 2oC than the current temperature. Not only are the
Humans affected by this, up to 350 different species of animals, birds, and
plants are being affected. Fear of instability leads to instability. The only
solution we have is to colonize space, and two other planets by 2050. Thus, a
need for an alternate Earth/settlement is being initiated by NASA. This contest
that NASA is holding is an amazing way of bringing out the creativity and
fantasy in the young blooming minds of the school and college students. We
thank NASA for giving us the opportunity to show our talent and creativity to
the world by initiating this program.




whole reason for this project is for the convenience of humans to live joyfully
and in peace in space. This is because of the ever-growing Earth population. To
solve this problem, a space colony will emerge to save the lives of many.
Project X will be built, around Mars. The Five Elements of life, that is, Air,
Water, Land, Fire, and Sky will be provided. Water will be carried from Earth
on the first trip, until Mars, from then on, the water will be replenished by
the polar ice caps of Mars. There are many impediments to making a space
settlement, but we can overcome them at the same time. The life in the colony
will be equivalent to the life on Earth, except it will be lived in a cleaner
and artificial environment. There will be a governing body, to protect the law
and order in the community.







Chapter 2

The Space City


Architectural Diagram


Cross-Sectional Diagram




orbit is an elliptical path in which one celestial body moves around another
celestial body. Just like how the Earth moves around the Sun, ‘Project X’ must
also move another celestial body, to keep balance the space colony balanced.

will be considered in the orbit around Mars, like a satellite around Mars.
There were two options where the colony could be kept. One of them was the
orbit around Earth and another the orbit around Mars. It is considered to be a
satellite of Mars instead of Earth because of the following reasons:

The abundance of unused minerals in Mars.

Do not want to deprive Earth of its resources.

Space Debris accumulated around the Earth makes it very
difficult to survive.

Minerals and Water from Mars and its Satellites.

Protection from Asteroids.

Plentiful Solar Energy.


is the next planet to support life. The minerals and water on it can be useful
for supporting life. Minerals present on Mars resemble closely to those on the
planet Earth.

though the Asteroid Belt is the neighbor of Mars, the orbit that has been
chosen cannot be penetrated by asteroids.

sunlight that reaches Mars will be enough to power the colony with the help of
other methods of producing electricity.

Why Mars?


Earth is getting quite upset about how we are using her up. We with our
superior intelligence have to find a way out of the confinement of the Earth’s
atmosphere. The answer that is correct is right next to us, but still 54.6
million kilometers away. That is Mars.

is the neighbor of our own planet, Earth. Many missions to Mars have proven
that the planet has all the elements required for life, but the atmosphere is too
thin, and the temperature is very low. With few changes in the atmosphere of
Mars, it can become the next Earth.

Basic Structure


        There will be four layers in the colony,
the first and last being identical, while the second and third being identical.
The first layer is the docking station, the second layer is a thick four blade
fan. It is divided into two halves, cut horizontally where the top one is
dedicated to the growing of plants and rearing of animals. Connected to the
second layer are spheres. These spheres will be filled with water. The third
layer is identical to the second layer, except the top half is for the
industrial purpose, and the bottom half for residents to live. The fourth layer
is identical to the first, but the last layer is dedicated for researchers of
the Martian terrain. All these will be held together by a strong rod known as
the Central Neural Gateway. The complete settlement will be made of Bakelite.


is a type of plastic used to make telephones, toys, and was very useful in the
emerging automobile industry, as it has high resistance to heat, and electrical
conductivity. The whole colony will be made mostly of Bakelite.



It can be easily made.


Easily moldable.

An insulator of electricity.

It contains high heat resistance.


Becomes flexible over time, leading to breakage.


Toughened Glass and Aluminum will be mixed.