Chapter the rule of law has, and will continue,

Chapter 1 Question 3:

From the beginning of time, our legal system
has been solely based of off the laws. Each of these laws are made to be
followed in order for our country, as a whole, to be an equal and sufficient country.
Confucius, the greatest Chinese leader of all, believed that good rules were
the best guarantee of justice. The leader of our country is the President of
the United States. Every four to eight years there is an election for a new
president to come into office and contribute new ideas in order to make the
country better. This being said, each of these presidents started with the base
which can be known as the constitution. The constitution has always helped
create American laws. As a whole, our legal system relies on the rule of law
rather than the rule of people which is why our country as a whole has
continued to be the greatest. Citizens will always have a say of course, such
as their right to vote as well as state their opinions, however, there will
always be our president that has the final say to what decisions are being made
for the greater good of our country. After reading the information throughout,
I believe the rule of law is the proper way to run a country for the reason of
this is how it has worked previously and the country continues to grow in a positive
direction. I trust the way our country has been ran through the standards that
the rule of law has, and will continue, to hold.

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Chapter 3 Question 4:

A dispute can be defined as a disagreement or
argument between two or individuals. These arguments are encouraged to be
worked out through a discussion before taking them to a more intense level.
Annie and Bart are two individuals who happen to be coworkers that got into an
accident in the parking lot of their office building. Each individual blames
the other for the accident and have not yet come to an agreement. They both
will not come to an agreement and are now not speaking, even with their
cubicles being next to each other. There are a number of issues of them not
speaking because of the accident. One reason that this is an issue is due to the
fact that is causes hostility inside the company with other employees. Another
reason that this is an issue is because the small fender bender accident
dispute, could be solved yet they have not come to an agreement which will
cause this issue to be bigger than it needs to be. Both Annie and Bart have
been trying to figure out an action to take in order to come to a conclusion.
Knowing the current situation, they will not be able to come to a conclusion so
the next step of action I would recommend is mediation. Mediation is known as a
negotiation between two individuals that has a third party come into play in
order to help solve the issue. Overall, this is the best plan of action because
the third-party listens to both sides, and then will come to a conclusion.

Chapter 4 Essay Question 4:

The Texas V. Johnson case is a case that was drawn up due
to the burning of the American flag throughout the United States. Burning of
the flag has always been an illegal action until this case. The conclusion of
the case was the supreme court ruling this statue unconstitutional because it
goes against the first amendment. Once this decision was made, there was a
question throughout individuals questioning if congress has the power to
overrule the previous decision made. A large majority of society argues that
the decision should stay in play because the symbolism of burning the flag can and
is disrespectful to our country. Others state their opinion saying congress
does not have the power to overrule Supreme Court decisions. Personally, I hold
my belief of protecting the constitution although, the symbolic meaning of the
burning flag is disrespectful to our country. The constitution is the reason
our country is able to operate efficiently.
This being said, we shall continue to follow these rights that were created
for us by our founding fathers. The first amendment states that each citizen
gets the freedom of speech which includes speaking your voice and opinion in a
majority of ways; meaning the burning of the American flag. This allows
citizens to express their voice without interruption from the government which
we must respect. The three branches of the government enforce the constitution
to the citizens which allows the guidelines to be known. Overall, congress
should not have the power, nor the right, to overrule the Supreme Court’s