Chapter swimming and get clothed Ralph find a conch

Chapter 1:The boy goes out of the jungle and finds a lagoon He spots a red and yellow bird flying up and screamingHe spots as another fat kid wearing spectacles sees it and they group up and talk about their plane crash that just happenedAll the adults are dead and only them so far are aliveThe first boys name is Ralph but has no interest in the other kids nameThey assume there must be other kids alive They want to relax and take a break by swimming nude in the ocean so Ralph strips down and goes inHe says it is nice and warm so the other kid joins in as well(he has asthma)Ralph is 12 and we get some sort of name for the other kid PiggyPiggy assumes that his father will save him because he is in the navy except that the last thing the pilot said was an atomic bomb went off and killed everyoneSo this means they were probably being evacuated So they get done swimming and get clothed Ralph find a conch and tries to blow in it to make a sound and he does after a few tries The wholes island was echoing of the conchs loud noiseThe bushes and trees started moving and other naked boys started coming out towards the sound of the conchPiggy goes out and asks them for there names so three young ones one named Johnny and the twins named Sam and Eric Then another group of boys come out of a bush and are wearing black choir robesMerridew is there leader One of the boys faints because of wearing a black robes in the scorching sunThe rest of the them complain to take their robes of but merridew ignores themThe rest of them introduce their names Maurice, Jack Merridew, Roger, Simon, Bill, Robert, Henry, HaroldRalph is now the head chief and goes to the unexplored parts of the island with Jack and SimonJack and his boys went of hunting and found a pig tangled but can’t kill it with his knife so instead lets it go but he says next time there will be no hesitationChapter 2:Ralph blows the conch and calls another meetingRalph tells the boys that they need to get organizedNow all boys have to raise their hand to talk. No one can speak unless they’re holding the conch shellThe boys are excited about having rules but mostly so that they can hurt  those who break the rulesPiggy takes the conch to raise a few points that they might never get off this island and that they should figure out how to go about the process of not dyingRalph agrees but he declares quite clearly that this is a good island supposebly Some kid is  afraid of a mysterious snake thing in the jungleHe describes it as a beastie and says it comes only in the dark Jack says of course there isn’t a beast but just in case they’re all going to go hunt for it anywayRalph is forced to go as well but he insists on making a signal fire so when his father comes to rescue them on a ship the men on board will see the smoke and know where to find themEveryone tears off and Piggy remarks that they’re all acting like a bunch of kids Everyone excitedly piles up the wood before realizing they have no way of starting the fire but Jack mumbles something about rubbing two sticks togetherPiggy is not happy about the use of his glasses for this purposeRalph says that they need to choose certain responsible people to keep the fire going at all times in case a ship passes byPiggy is basically blind without his glasses so he  grabs the conch from Ralph and complains about how no one pays attention to his ideasPiggy complains about all these things they should have done like build shelters and show some respectThe littluns are missingChapter 3:Jack has become obsessed with killing a pigJack fails to catch a pig, yet againHe tries to take it out on someone else like Ralph and Simon who are trying to build shelters out of leavesSo Ralph and Jack argue Jack thinks it’s more important to kill thingsSimon points out that everyone is still scared of the beastie Jack admits he gets a little scared when he’s in the jungle alone toRalph is mainly worried about the firePiggy lies on his stomach and stares at the waterThe littluns follow after him, and he helps them pick fruit too tall for them to reach before heading deeper into the jungle by himselfChapter 4:One littlun named Percival cries all the time and everyone thinks he’s a crazyThe biguns and littluns have become rather separate groups even though Simon, Maurice, and Robert are walking a fine line because of their size Being a littlun is terrible since no one really takes care of them They’ve built and decorated sandcastles near the little river which has become their play and general chilling areaWe see Henry the biggest of the littluns hanging out with the PercivalThe children are cool until Roger and Maurice come along and step on their sandcastles Roger throws stones at Henry but he misses on purpose because he still has some semblance of decency left at least for the time beingAfter going through with the face painting plan using white and red clay and a stick of charcoal, Jack looks at his reflection in a coconut shell full of water and is glad to see an awesome stranger looking back at himHe begins to dance and it seems that the mask is a thing on its own behind which Jack hidWhen he orders the boys to come with him they obey the mask not JackPiggy suggests that they should make a sundial but no one takes him seriously Suddenly Ralph spots a ship!They wonder if the fire was still lit and it wasThe fire has gone outEveryone looks down from the mountain and sees a procession of choir boys who have finally ditched the black robes and joined in the public nudity but they’re still ominously wearing their black capsThey are also equally ominously led by Jack carrying a dead pig on a stake and screaming Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her bloodJack and his partners tell of how they killed the pigRalph stares at them expressionless and finally says You let the fire go outJack and his pals experience intense guilt.Piggy rails on them for being irresponsible so naturally Jack punches Piggy in the faceSimon finds the glasses and reveals that a lens is broken which leaves Piggy with vision in just one eyeJack apologizesNo one hands Piggy any meat and when Jack gives him a hard time about him not helping with the hunt Simon gives his own food to PiggyJack is furious and yells at Simon to Eat! Damn you! he basically knows that he has no power over the boys unless they eat the meat he gotChapter 5:Ralph sounds the conch shell and the boys gather for a seriousmeetingThe meeting is on sort of a platform and that its shaped like a triangle Ralph the chief sits on a huge logAfter all the pondering Ralph gets around to blowing the conchHe reminds the boys of some rules like keep the fire on at all times. Don’t build any other fires. Do their toilet business by the rocks near the bathing pool instead of all over the island, as they have been doing. When he sets down the conch Jack grabs it up and tells all the little children to stop acting like children he says there is no beast and if they’re afraid they should suck it upThere’s this great moment where someone asks what a beast would eat, someone else says pig and another someone said We eat pigPiggy in a moment states that there is no beast and no fear either unless they get frightened of people so there’s nothing to fear but themselvesPhil tries to declare that the beast comes out at nightRalph insists it was a dream until Simon admits he was the one mucking about in the darkSimon grabs the conch and explains that sometimes he likes to go hang out in this place in the junglePercival tells Jack that the beast comes out of the sea.Someone yells at Piggy to shut up, you fat slug! and the whole meeting begins to failRalph tells them that the rules are the only thing they’ve got holding them together but Jack speaks and leads a pack of boys off to search for the beast and hunt him downChapter 6:a parachuting dead body drifting down to the ground from a battle being fought by airplanes above the island arrives as a signSam and Eric are tending the signal fire when they see the freaky-looking bodyRalph is dreaming of home when the twins wake him up screaming that they saw the beast and that it was furry, had wings, teeth, and claws, there was something moving behind its head and it followed them Jack, Ralph, and an assortment of biguns head off to hunt it downChapter 7:A huge boar comes crashing out of the bushesRalph flings his spear which sticks in the boar’s snout for about a second before falling outRalph proudly shouts that he hit the boar, and then decides that maybe hunting is a good thing after allJack takes off after the boar which eventually gets away but not before wounding Jack’s armThings get a little out of hand as the boys play at jabbing Robert with their spears.They start the chant again Kill the pig! Cut his throat,Ralph can’t help joining in as they finish the game with Robert screaming in true terror as they pin him downRobert isn’t really hurt and Ralph says it was just a game, but even he knows that he is lying to himselfEveryone wishes they could do it again.Jack playfully suggests they could use a littlun.The sun is starting to go down the boys discuss whether to go on up on the mountain and risk facing the beast in the dark or whether to go back to Piggy who was left with the littluns.Finally, Simon goes off through the jungle to tell Piggy that they won’t be back until after dark.Jack goes ahead and sees the the parachute man bowing and lifting in the wind he can’t tell what it is and runs back to the other twoRalph is so afraid he thinks he might faintThey finally get a look at what they think is a giant ape sitting there asleep with his head between his kneesAs the wind roars through the trees the creature lifts his headChapter 8:Jack, trying to take control of the situation, calls an assembly by blowing the conch.He tells the group about the beast and then argues that Ralph shouldn’t be chief because he likes Piggy, he doesn’t hunt, and he was scared on the mountainWhen no one is stopping Ralph, Jack runs off Ralph is going to have to catch his own pigs from now onPiggy finally comes up with the brilliant idea to build a new signal fire down by the beach instead of depending on the one up on the mountainAfter they get it going, Piggy and Ralph look around and realize that many of the biguns Maurice, Bill, and Roger and Robert have disappearedThe only ones left besides Piggy and Ralph are Samneric and SimonFar off along the beach Jack and his band of brothers make pig killing plansThey decide that if they leave part of the pig for the beast the beast won’t bother them you know like an offering.Conveniently they find a bunch of sleeping pigs. They set their sights on the biggest, fattest, mother pig, who is adorably nursing a row of piglets.What follows is a bloody and horrific scene in which the boys drive their knives into this screaming pig.The boys stare at the dead mother pig. What now?They laugh and rub her blood over their faces—obviously.”Right up her ass,” says one of the boys (referring to where he put his spear) and they act out the whole thing all over again.Oops. In order to cook the pig, they’re going to need fire—which they’ll steal from Ralph’s group later on.Jack tells Roger to “sharpen a stick at both ends.” Then he bends over the pig with his knife and cuts off her head.They ram a pointed stick into the crack of a rock and jam the pig’s severed head onto the other end.They leave the head as a gift for the beast and carry off the remains of the pig.Now get ready for some heavy, thought-provoking, killer lines in the next ten pages or so. We suggest you go read those ten pages and then come back here when you’re done. (Or get immersed and don’t come back until you finish the book.)Simon is hiding behind his mat of creepers, where, unbeknownst to the other boys, he has been watching them slaughter the pig. He now stares at the head’s half-closed eyes, which assure him that “everything is a bad business.”Simon responds—out loud—that he already knows that.We start off the scene with the head “seeming” to say things to Simon.Simon stares at the black blob of bloody guts that the boys have piled on the ground. It’s covered with buzzing flies.The flies start gathering on Simon’s hot, sweaty face, but he does nothing.As the flies crawl over him, Simon stares at the impaled head, the “Lord of the Flies.”He watches it “grinning” back at him, and we’re going to go out on a limb and say that he might be hallucinating just a little bit.Okay, we’re getting pretty nervous for Simon.But now we return to Piggy and Ralph, who are lying on the sand, gazing at the fire.Samneric have wandered off.Simon is gone. They realize it is going to rain and don’t know how to keep a fire going, especially with so few people now.Ralph asks Piggy what makes things “break up as they do.”Piggy thinks it’s Jack, and he’s also honored that Ralph is talking to him like an equal.The two of them lie there contemplating how not to die and hopefully get off the island, too, when “demoniac figures with faces of white and red and green rush out howling.”Oh, wait, it’s only Jack, Maurice, and Robert with painted faces. They run up to the fire and grab some of the burning sticks.It’s pig roast time! Jack invites everyone to come eat.Two of the “savages” say, “The chief has spoken” (sounds like Jack is declaring himself the new chief), and then they all run off again.Hm, says Ralph. Looks like they’re having fun, and wouldn’t it be nice to join them…But then he reminds everyone that they must tend the fire, because…because…Uh, rescue? says Piggy. It seems like Ralph might be starting to lose it here.Samneric and Bill speak up. As much as they like Ralph and all, they would really prefer eating some food to starving to death. They all head off to the feast.Maybe Ralph’s gang could hunt their own pig? No one seems interested, and he accepts momentary defeat.We’re back to Simon again.The Lord of the Flies now tells Simon, with dialogue quotes and everything, that he’s an “ignorant, silly little boy.”The Lord of the Flies asks if Simon is afraid of him, and Simon shakes.The poor guy is having a hard time. His tongue is swollen (might have something to do with how thirsty he felt earlier), and he’s now clearly hallucinating that he’s having a conversation with the impaled pig’s headThe pig’s head says there’s no one there to help poor Simon. “Only me,” the pig’s head says. “And I’m the Beast.”The Lord of the Flies rolls his eyes at the notion that the beast was something that you could hunt and kill. He says that he’s part of Simon, that he’s close, and that he’s the reason “why things are what they are” (the answer to Ralph’s question of several paragraphs ago).Simon feels that “one of his times is coming on,” like maybe he’s about to have a seizure.The pig threatens that “we are going to have fun on this island,” and that everyone—and here he lists off the names of the boys—are going to “do” Simon.We’re getting a really bad feeling about this.As the Lord of the Flies continues to talk, Simon feels that he’s falling into a “vast mouth.” He faints.