CHAPTER period of physical growth, which is around the



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is defined as the stage of transitional development that takes individuals from
childhood into adulthood. According to Seifert and Hoffnung (1987), this period
generally begins around the age of 12 years until the end of the period of
physical growth, which is around the age of 20 years. Adolescence ages 12 to 21
years for women, and 13 to 22 years for men.

Growth in
adolescence can be considered very vulnerable and how healthy lifestyle is done
by teenagers will largely determine how survival in old age.

there are so many teenagers, especially adolescent girls using drugs that are
not listed in BPOM RI to support their appearance to look more beautiful and
make them more confident. For example the use of bleach medication on the face
to look beautiful, or the use of slimming drugs to look more slim and
confident. Many teenage girls live under constant fear of gaining excess

the idea of ??not much about what to do or who to turn to, the first thing most
people do is they reduce their food intake. But as we all know, our bodies need
all the essential nutrients from the foods we eat to perform our basic bodily
functions and strengthen our immune system against various diseases.

of the problem

what is meant by healthy?

what is meant by

how can someone be said

What are the diseases
caused by unhealthy lifestyles?

how to live a healthy


know the definition of

know the definition of

know how a person can be
said healthy.

know what diseases caused
by unhealthy lifestyle.

knowing how to live

Benefit of the Writing

readers know the
definition of healthy.

the reader knows the
definition of prosperity.

readers know how a person
can be said healthy.

the reader knows what are
the diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyle.

readers know how to live
a healthy life. 



















2.1       Definition

Healthy definition

Healthy is a condition in which everything
goes normal and works according to its function and as it should be. Simply
put, healthy synonymous with painless condition. In a large Indonesian Healthy
dictionary, the definition of health is both the whole body and its parts. In
the past, healthy is identical with body or body condition. But now as the
times progress, the word healthy not only deals with the body, but also
everything that can work, if it goes normally and properly it will be called
healthy. But if you have a disorder then called unhealthy terms

Definition of prosperity

1.      In
general terms, prosperity refers to a good state, a human condition in which
people are prosperous, in good health and peace.

2.      In
the economy, prosperity is connected with the benefits of things. Prosperity
possesses a special official or technical meaning (see the welfare economy), as
in terms of social welfare functions.

3.      In
social policy, social welfare refers to the reach of service to meet the needs
of society. This is the term used in the idea of ??a prosperous country.

4.      In
the United States, prosper refers to the money paid by the government to people
in need of financial assistance, but can not work, or whose income is received
to meet basic needs is not enough. The amount paid is usually well below the
poverty line, and also has special conditions, such as proof of being looking
for a job or other conditions, such as the incapacity or duty of keeping the
child, which prevents him from working. In some cases the recipient is even
required to work, and is known as a workfare.






2.2       Result

characteristics of healthy people

Healthy Physically

Soemowardojo states that healthy according to the physiology, is the normal
function of body tools. To be able to live physically healthy of course we need
business. And in the endeavor would need knowledge, patience, time, and
sometimes cost. One way that can be taken is to eat regularly and exercise. It
looks light and easy, but in reality not everyone understands what it is to eat
regularly. Is it just the fantastic time and menu accuracy? Of course not.
Eating regularly is none other than eating according to health advice. This
means we eat enough and of course nutritious, for example a plate of rice, a
bowl of vegetables, a side dish deservedly, and if there is a glass of fresh
milk. The popular term is four healthy five perfect.

our need for calories is not so much, unless we are working hard or exercising
such as playing soccer. Precisely if we overeat even dangerous. Can-can heart
disease, liver, kidney, or high blood pressure. Even the Prophet Muhammad once
advised us: eat you when you feel hungry, and when you eat not too full. That
means we are trained to be patient. Is not the nature of patience is beloved of
God. In addition, we are also educated not to overuse in consuming food.
Because all that is excessive is not good for health. In addition to eating
regularly, we are still encouraged to exercise regularly. By exercising will
reduce the formation of excessive fat in our body.

Spiritually Healthy

spiritual health (mental health) according to current medical understanding, is
a condition that enables the optimal physical, intellectual and emotional
development of a person and that development goes along with the circumstances
of others. Healthy this one is rather difficult to observe physically. Although
fitter, someone is still not healthy if likes to hallucinate and speak for
themselves. Or often daydreaming because upset with his future, but not doing
anything. Psychologically, there is a mental crisis in him. His soul is dry. He
needs spiritual sprinkling to raise his spirits.

Healthy Financially

is close to kufr. Someone who is experiencing an economic crisis can easily
fall into the things that deviate from the teachings of religion. Often found
in newspapers, there are people who steal because they do not have money to buy
food. Fakir does not necessarily mean no money. Because there are also people
whose economy is well established, but still budget corruption. So it can also
be said that he is poor. But not poor treasure, but poor soul. His soul is
never satisfied with what is already owned. One million rupiah is worth a lot
for a beggar, but still too little for a conglomerate. Thus, financially
healthy is only owned by people who feel quite and are grateful for what they
gain from their work.

Healthy Social

health is a life in society in such a way that every citizen has enough ability
to nurture and promote his own life and family life in a society that allows
work, rest and enjoy entertainment in time.

does it mean the body is healthy and all needs are met, but have no friends to
talk to. Is not speaking a person’s inner need to express feelings, good or
bad? How unfortunate someone is when everything is done alone. In certain cases
it is proper that a job be done alone. But in our social life it is impossible
to avoid it. Because, in essence we are in addition to individual beings as
well as social beings. So, to be considered socially healthy we must be very
clever to adapt to the environment in which we are.

2.3       Discussion

Diseases caused by
unhealthy lifestyles

1)      Obesity

eating habits, eating too much, rarely exercising, and sedentary lifestyle can
cause obesity. Not only that, people who are overweight can also experience
many other problems such as difficulty breathing, high blood pressure,
cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and others

2)      Diabetes
type 2

causes other diseases such as type II diabetes that is not dependent on insulin
and is common in adults. The International Diabetes Federation shows that
currently the country with the highest population of Type II diabetes is India,
which is around 40.9 million people.

3)      Arteriosclerosis

is a disease that occurs when blood vessel walls thicken and become inelastic.

is caused by fat attached to the walls of the arteries and causes abnormalities
in the bloodstream. The disease is usually followed by chest pain and heart
attacks. Not only that, atherosclerosis is also associated with obesity and
high blood pressure

4)      Heart

lifestyles can affect the heart muscle and blood vessel walls. The main causes
are smoking, diabetes and high cholesterol.

5)      High
blood pressure

blood pressure or hypertension is caused by many things, including stress,
obesity, genetic factors, excessive salt intake on the diet, and age factor.

6)      Swimmer

ear is the name for ear disease due to inflammation, irritation, and infection
of the outer ear and inner canal. Symptoms include a ringing ear and difficulty
understanding the conversation.

disease is caused by frequent listening to music or loud voice and too often
use headphones

7)      Cancer

is caused by unusual cell growth and harmful to health. Some types of cancer
are caused by lifestyle and bad habits such as smoking, too much under the sun,
and consumption of foods containing carcinogens

8)      Stroke

occurs when blood vessels to the brain are blocked, causing a lack of oxygen in
some parts of the brain.

9)      Chronic
obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is caused by permanent damage to the
respirator. This disease can occur due to factors such as smoking and air

10)  Cirrhosis

is a disease that occurs in the liver. Excessive alcohol consumption is one of
the causes. In addition, chronic hepatitis can also trigger the occurrence of

11)  Nephritis

is a kidney disease characterized by swelling of the kidneys. In addition,
Nephritis is also followed by loss of kidney function.

Healthy lifestyle

Expand Water Consumption

you know that most of us actually do not drink enough water every day? This is
certainly a bad thing because as we know water is very important for our body.
This is because we lose water every day through urine, defecation, sweat and
breathing, so we need to fill our water intake.

study shows the amount of water we need is dependent on various factors. Like
climate and weather conditions, physical activity we do, and weight, but
generally we need 2.7-3.7 liters of water intake. If signs appear like for
example; Your urine is colored or slightly yellow, dry lips, dry mouth and
slight urination. Immediately drink water because of the signs that appear
because your body starts to lack fluids.



Sleep and Rest Enough

sleep and rest is one of the keys to healthy living habits. This is very
reasonable because the body desperately needs a break to be able to re-activity
with maximum. But if you do not rest well, you can compensate by eating more,
but this is not recommended by health experts. Enough rest and sleep also
prevent premature aging.


calms the mind and soothes your soul. Tranquility itself is very beneficial for
health because it can keep us from stress that is the source of many diseases
and health problems.

Regular exercise

has shown that daily exercise brings tremendous benefits to our health,
including increased life span, lower disease risk, higher bone density and
weight loss. If you do not have time to work out or go to the gym, walking or
daily activities such as choosing to climb stairs and open lifts will be an
easy and inexpensive sports replacement activity.

Do Sports As Part of Fun

you enjoy sports, you will naturally want to do it. Because the sport is forced
to cause suffering that instead of causing you to continue to do it but instead
make you lazy. So choose the sport you love and do it regularly.

Exercise as Playing

exercise just like jogging will make you tired and bored. Give your body more
fun and group sports, such as basketball, soccer, swimming, tennis, badminton
or volleyball and many more. This will be fun because you can also socialize
with other people while doing a healthy activity.

Eat More Fruits

more fruit and reduce synthetic vitamins. There are many types of fruits that
you can consume which besides healthy also taste good guaranteed.




Eat More Vegetables

like fruits, vegetables are important for our health. Experts advise that we
should at least consume 5-9 servings of fruits / vegetables, every day. The bad
news is that most people are uncomfortable consuming vegetables, and this is
certainly not good for our health.

Choose Colorful Food as

and vegetables with bright colors are usually high in anti-oxidants.
Anti-oxidants are needed by the body because they eliminate and ward off free
radicals in our body that can damage the cells of our body.

maybe you need to start consuming vegetables and fruits with different colors,
such as for example; White (Pineapple, Mango), Orange (Orange, Papaya), Red
(Aple, Strawberry, Tomato, Watermelon), Green (Guava, Avocado, Cucumber,
Lettuce, Celery), Purple / Blue (Fruit Berry, Eggplant, Plum Fruit). Color diet
is also good for maintaining a healthy diet and ideal body shape.

Reduce Processed and
Canned Foods

or canned foods you should avoid for various reasons such as; nutritional value
is often imperfect, the presence of preservatives added that can be bad for
health, if consumed continuously and in the long term. Even the addition of
salt you should consider before consuming processed or canned foods too often.

Start Loving Yourself

loving yourself you will avoid the bad effects of stress that can be bad for
health as well. In addition you can also take more benefits with positive
thinking towards the perspective of life and a wider life that would make you a
happier person every day.

Walking with Barefoot

are many benefits that prove positive walking with barefoot walking ranging
from being able to improve your posture better, reducing stress for your feet
and joints. This is scientifically grounded because walking barefoot gives a
massage effect that creates a sense of comfort throughout your body

Stay Away from People
with Negative Mindset

positive mental attitude is an essential part of healthy living. It certainly
makes you unnecessary to approach Negative-minded people who will poison your
mind with any thoughts that can cause stress that is bad for your health.

Clean yourself also from
the Negative

healthy is an option, in addition to rejecting external factors you must also
be able to neutralize any counter-productive or negative thoughts that can make
you unhappy and stressed out.

Write Your Dreams and
Your Happiness

these hidden thoughts in the self is not healthy. Writing therefore can be one
of the things that triggers the release of negative things from within
yourself. It also means that not just writing, but also laying the foundations
of your future life kebahagian. Research has mentioned that, some teenagers and
adults who grow up with the habit of writing a diary have a happier tendency
than those who do not.

Know the Trigger Foods,
Take Control of Your Sugar and Salt Intake

excessive sugar and salt can be detrimental to health, however it is still
necessary to consume sugar and salt in the right amount.

Often Breathe Deeply

may know how to breathe, but have you breathed in the right and healthy way?
Strangely most of us do not breathe properly – because only breathing is
shallow. Like an athlete who is trained in proper breathing techniques to get
their best performance. A full breath in which you actually fill your lungs
with oxygen will make us feel fresher and more enthusiastic.





Avoid Eating That
Involves Emotional

infrequently when we stress or feel depressed we eat more, this is a disaster
for health. How to eat that involves emotion or obey emotions will cause
adverse effects, the most obvious of course is obesity.

Eat in Small Portions

a little but often, it will make you feel better. Because then your body will
be able to digest food in the metabolism process with more perfect. This does
not mean it is a justification for snacking habits of course.

Stop Eating when You Feel

of us often have erratic eating habits sometimes we eat too much or too little.
Not infrequently social situations also support such as when we are in the
middle of the party. Remember that you are not a grinding machine that can
consume all the food that is served.

Carbohydrates Chocolate
vs. White Carbohydrates

white rice with brown rice or rice with remaining epidermis, white bread with
whole wheat bread. Also is a good habit for health.

Live with Purpose

health starts from within! Do you live a meaningful life? Do you live up to
your goals? Make sure you set your life goals, and reaching out with complete
peace is a good thing and means for your life and your health.

Say No to Oily Food

the intake of fast food, fried foods and other greasy foods will have a good
impact on your health.

Take Control Of Sugar In
Your Body

things that are too sweet, candy, chocolate, cake with toping that is too
sweet. It may be all tasty and extraordinary in the eyes may be even more when
it touches the tongue, but remember your health is absolute.

Go organic

is often a question, “what is organic food?” And the answer is
“foods produced without synthetic input such as pesticides and chemical
fertilizers, do not contain genetically modified organisms, and are not
processed using radiation, industrial solvents, or chemical additives.”
With attention to the explanation alone may have imagined green vegetables, or
fruit without pesticides are certainly free from the fear to eat it anyway.


3.1       Conclusion

o   The
family is a social group consisting of father, mother and child or other
relatives connected by blood or marital bonds and interacting with each other.

o   Healthy
is a physical, mental, and social condition that is free from a disease so that
a person can perform activities optimally.

o   Healthy
family consists of four elements, namely no body and soul, adequate nutritious
food, live in a clean environment and behavior and interactions in accordance
with ethics and law.

o   Welfare
is a life and social, material, and spiritual order of life and livelihood
which is filled with a sense of salvation, decency, and inner tranquility that
enables every citizen to make the best efforts of the fulfillment of physical,
spiritual and social needs for self, as well as the community.

o   The
concept of prosperous families according to Law no. 10 Year 1982 is a family
formed or a legitimate marriage, able to meet the needs of spiritual and
material worthy, devoted to God YME, has a harmonious, harmonious and balanced
relationship between members of the funds between families with the community
and the environment.

o   The
prosperous family in the economic sense is a family with enough clothing, food,
and housing.

3.2       Suggestion

To live a healthy
life should be:

§  Eat
lots of vegetables & fruit

Will accelerate
the absorption of nutrients and facilitate digestion.

§  Reduce
foods that contain fat.

Reduce obesity,
arterial blood vessels become healthy.

§  Eat

Digestion is
getting stronger.

§  Do
not select foods too much

§  Do
not eat too salty.

§  Drink
beverages that have been boiled.

§  Avoid
alcohol & cigarettes

§  Lots
of sports

§  Balance
working time & rest.

§  Avoid
anger & laugh a lot.


Exercise a lot of
calories (in 15 minutes):

§  Road:
50 cal

§  Bowling:

§  Taichi:

§  Tennis:

§  Pool:
150 cal.




















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