CHAPTER are two categories which are considered for site



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Having established the market size of the
company, the technical aspect of the business is the next thing to be analyzed.
This stage of the feasibility study helps the proponents determine the capacity
of the proposed project. The technical aspect provides information about the service activities and the raw
materials needed as well as the other resources that will be used in providing
the services to its market. This section also shows the office layout of the
business as well as how the location was chosen.

The technical aspect consists of the details
on how to render the company’s services to their clients. This aspect will
illustrate the technicalities of the services, maintenance, and management involved with the services
rendered as well as the flow of operations.

The services of
the company will be conducted at the venue of the wake and burial. Since
the target market of the business is clients
of St. Peter Memorial Chapels, Inc., the venue of the wake will be at St.
Peter. Also, the Planner will be the one to approach the clients which means
that the interaction between the Planner and the client will also be at St.

This aspect will illustrate the technicalities
behind the services rendered.


  Conducting a site location selection is necessary to
determine where a business would be able to run its services efficiently. It is imperative that the location chosen best
suits the management. To come up
with the appropriate location for the business, certain factors were considered
and were evaluated by the proponents.


Listing all the factors for selecting site
location are relevant and are considered in order to identify the best site for
the business. These factors are obtained through thorough analysis and by
considering employees’ convenience and the well-being of the business. There are
two categories which are considered for site location factors – quantitative
and qualitative factors.


Quantitative Factors (60%)


Rent Expense (40%)

Since the proponents plan to just rent a
space for the office, rent expense must
suit the business’ budget.


Space Availability (20%)

Space availability is one of the factors that
the proponents consider for site location.

Qualitative Factors (40%)

Accessibility of the Road (25%)

            The services involve delivering goods from the
office to St. Peter Memorial Chapels, Inc. and vice versa. Therefore, it is
most preferred if the business location is situated near the road or by the


Parking Space (10%)

Parking space is essential because
the company owns a total of three Therefore, it is essential for the business
location to have a parking space to park the vehicles when it is not being


Environment (5%)

Having a pleasing environment for an office
is significant as it will allow for a conducive working environment.


For the location factor rating system, factors that are important in
the location decision are identified. Each factor is weighted from 0% to 100%
to prioritize the factor and reflect its importance. A subjective score is
assigned to each factor based on its attractiveness compared with other
locations, and the weighted scores are summed. Decisions typically will not be
made based solely on these ratings, but they provide a good way to organize and
rank factors. (Prentice-Hall, n.d.)


The weighted average method was used to identify the appropriate site location for
the business. Several factors are being considered and different weights are
being assigned to each factor (40% for qualitative factors, 60% for
quantitative factors) according to its importance. The proponents identified
three locations which are; NIC 2 Building, M2 Business Center, and Parkmall.

            Garnering a total 96%
for qualitative and quantitative factors, it clearly shows that NIC 2 Building
in Capitol Square, N. Escario St., Cebu City is the
preferred site location for the office among
the three (3) alternatives.

            NIC 2 Building was
chosen as the location because it has road accessibility and the parking space
is best suitable for the idle vehicles of the company.



            The office is where the Planner will
do his/her job. There is a desk allocated for him/her wherein a laptop,
calculator, ball pen, and paper are provided. All these are the equipment
he/she would need to do his/her job.



Flower Room

            The Flower Room is used as a storage
for the fresh flowers. This room is also used as an overall storage area for
the cleaning supplies and other supplies needed for the business to operate.


            There is a total of 5.5
sq. m of available space which will be used for the transportation of flowers
to and from the establishment. In keeping flowers alive, water is required.
Therefore, when transporting the pails filled with water, a trolley is used for
the safer mode of transport. The trolley
will be moved in and out of the office requiring enough space to be able to
maneuver around the area without bumping into the walls, doors, furniture and
other goods.



            The picture above shows
the casket in the viewing room. This is where the floral arrangements will be
set up.

            Based on the interview
with the General Manager of St. Peter Memorial Chapels, Inc., the management
provides only one (1) flower stand for their clients and said that most clients
would ask for a new set of fresh flowers for the succeeding days of the wake.  Then, the proponents calculated the costs of
outsourcing flower stands in comparison to hiring a florist and have him/her
decorate the viewing room.

            As shown in the table above, there is a significant
difference of ?1,075,301 on the price between hiring a florist and outsourcing
flower stands from a flower shop. Aside from that, St. Peter Memorial Chapels,
Inc. has already provided the clients with a flower stand. By hiring a florist
and setting up floral arrangement around, on and below the casket will
introduce a new type of service for the clients, comparing to that of
outsourcing flower stands which is very similar to the flower stand provided by
St. Peter Memorial Chapels, Inc.

            Floral Arrangement for
funerals come in different forms and designs. The clients may choose which
designs they prefer. The clients have the option of giving specifications on
the color, style, and placement of the
flowers. These specifications may be discussed with the Planner.


            The company is a
service – offering business which aims to continually satisfy its target
market, the clients. Providing a satisfying utility to the clients would
definitely lead the business to their goal and making it one of the factors to
the success of the business. The utility
is very useful, especially for being able
to perform several functions and provide utmost satisfaction.

utilities play a major role in supporting and in obtaining success of the
proposed business establishment. Since the business is located inside a
building, utilities are not a problem. These utilities include electricity and


            Communication plays an
important role in the business. Through consistent communication, the business
would greatly connect with clients and suppliers.


is a must for everyone inside the workplace to wear the official company
identification card at all times. It serves as a proof that the person wearing
it is a legit employee. The front portion of the company identification card
contains the employee’s name, job or position, and the I.D. number, while the
back portion consists of rules and regulations in using the I.D. card, and the
company’s Q.R. code.


The principal regards when
putting up a business is the safety of the customers and employees. But although making your work environment
safe, hazards themselves are still present most of the time in the workplace.
Preventing hazards from happening within the
establishment is ensured by providing education and training to all the

safety inspection is a formalized and accurately recorded the process of hazard identification in the
workplace. The layout has undergone a safety
inspection and is designed based on the employees’ level of comfort. So, to encourage everyone in the
workplace to be more safety-conscious, instilling knowledge regarding the use
of first aid facilities and fire extinguishers are included in the employee training. Their awareness in utilizing the
formerly indicated equipment can be applied in cases of accidents and



Customer complaints should
always be resolved as quickly as possible. Customers that are unsatisfied with
the service should be taken care of and dealt positively because it will be
used in improving the management and the service of the business to their own


1.   Listen to the Customer’s Complaints

first and foremost action to be made is to listen or hear what the customer is
saying. Let the customer convey what happened to their perspective. The
quickest possible way of resolving the problem is through listening to their
complaints and showing them that they have the right to report the negative
things that happened to them.

2.   Understand the Complaints

the customer’s point of view in order to discern the source of the complaints.
You cannot have a complete picture for their reason in complaining unless you
view the problem from the customer’s perspective.


3.   Acknowledge the Problem

the customer know that you hear what he or she is saying by acknowledging the
problem. Repeating what the customer said based on what you heard will lower
the customer’s defenses and you can now win the right to talk and be heard.

4.   Offer a timely solution.

the main issue and other sufficient details about the complaints on record. The
management must take full responsibility and should let the customer know that
the management is willing to take ownership of the issue. Take charge of the
situation and reassure customers that they are in good hands and that the issue
will be resolved as soon as possible.

5.   Follow-up after the resolution.

management must follow-up the customer to make sure that everything is already
settled. It is also to ensure that the customer obtains the satisfaction that
he or she wants.


Floral Arrangement Maintenance

of the flowers is an important job so that the company will be able to provide
the clients with fresh flowers. It is necessary to follow these instructions in
order to sustain the condition of the flowers. Below are the Do’s and Don’ts of
flower maintenance.