Chapter 4Summary:Symbol Quotation:Questions/Reflections: Chapter 5Summary:Symbol Quotation:Questions/Reflections: Chapter 6Summary: When

Chapter 1Summary:Ralph and Piggy met, a few boys were being evacuated and the plane crashed leaving them deserted on an island. Ralph blew into a shell and that caused other boys that were there to come to them. They all grouped up next to Ralph and they voted on who the chief/leader would be. Ralph was the one that was chosen.Symbol Quotation: Questions/Reflections: Why is Piggy not happy about there not being any adults?Chapter 2Summary: Ralph blew the conch again and that had caused the boys to meet again on the beach. They settle on them needing hunters to kill animals for food. Also, Ralph said that at meetings you can only speak if you have the conch in hand. A little boy said that he saw a snake type of creature that he referred to as beastie. Symbol Quotation:Questions/Reflections: Why would Ralph make a rule about only being allowed to talk only when they have the conch?Chapter 3Summary:Symbol Quotation:Questions/Reflections: Chapter 4Summary:Symbol Quotation:Questions/Reflections: Chapter 5Summary:Symbol Quotation:Questions/Reflections: Chapter 6Summary: When the boys sleep there is an air battle and a man that had died was floating from the sky with his parachute opened. Samneric go to Ralph and tell them what they saw and they seemed super scared. Ralph then calls a group to go and explore the spot that they have yet to look at on the island. Symbol Quotation:Questions/Reflections: What went through Samneric’s mind when they saw the floating figure? What made them feel so frightened?Chapter 7Summary: Ralph thought of a life where they were all clean but he saw how everyone was all dirty and unclean. He looks around and thinks about how it might be hard for them to be rescued. Jack gets hurt when they are going to the mountain when he was fighting a boar.Symbol Quotation:Questions/Reflections: Why does Simon seem so different from the rest?Chapter 8Summary:Symbol Quotation:Questions/Reflections: Chapter 9Summary: Simon starts to go to the mountain and he finds the body of the floating figure. He goes to Jack’s group to let them know about what he had found out. Ralph and piggy went to Jack’s camp and Jack let them eat then asked who would like to Join his group or stay with Ralph’s. A storm happens and Jack tells the group to dance because of it. As Simon is coming out of the forest they all thought that he was the beast and they end up killing him and the tide of the ocean carries his body to sea.Symbol Quotation:Questions/Reflections: What made them think that Simon was the beast? What was the dancing about during the storm?Chapter 10Summary: Ralph and Piggy were talking and Ralph talks about what happened with Simon, he tells Piggy how they had murdered him and he tries to say that it was an accident. Jack began to be more mean and cruel to the people in his group. He plans to raid Ralph’s camp of the things that they have there. He was trying to convince his group that they had not killed Simon but they had killed the beast.Symbol Quotation:Questions/Reflections: Why won’t they just accept that they had killed Simon?Chapter 11Summary: Ralph calls Piggy and the other kids that they were with to go back to Jack’s camp and ask for Piggy’s glasses back. When they approach them they notice how the boys turned into 100% savages showing no humanity. As they all are arguing Roger pushes a huge rock from the top of Piggy and it kills him. Symbol Quotation:Questions/Reflections: What went through Ralph’s head when he saw the group of savages? Why did Roger push the Rock over onto Piggy’s head?Chapter 12Summary: Ralph went back to Jack’s side of the island to try and reason with them one more time. As he was going there he saw the pig skull that was speaking to Simon. He knocked it down and took the spear that is was on as a weapon. He saw that Samneric were on watch and as he approached they gave him food and told him about the hunt they were going to go on. They find where Ralph is hiding and as he ran away he found another place to hide. The whole island was set on fire and that caused British ships to come over. As Ralph was running he fell at the feel of a British officer and he starts to cry.Symbol Quotation:Questions/Reflections: Did Ralph think that is was all a dream when he fell at the mans feel?