Change Cyrus has been a performer (Cyrus & Liftin,

Change within the music industry is an essential part to fit in and
to become a successful artist; “it seems over the course of time, it becomes difficult
for our favourite artists to stay true to their original form”. (reference this) It is argued that everything has an
influence on anything as there is constant change with things such as technology
and being a part of such competitive industry are just a few influences to say
the least that have an effect upon society. Throughout this essay, I will be
looking at a variety of artists who appear to have had both a positive and
negative effect upon society, due to their change within the music industry.


To begin with, “the rise of the internet, social media and
streaming means artists can now break a scene themselves” the independent, implying that in the year of 2017 there was a
visible rise within independent music. This is especially the case for black
cultural music Stormzy and Lady Leshur are just a few artists to be named. This
is just one example of how artist change can have an effect upon society; previously
black music was portrayed in a very negative way – “black music was delineated
by those who didn’t represent it, but things are finally starting to change”.  (Therefore, as a result of increase in the
rise of internet, and streaming black cultural music artists are now able to
get their music presented in a not so negative way)…

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The social media manager, Saquib Butt states that black music has
proved that “rappers can have a successful career without the backing of a
record label”, implying that there has definitely been a positive change within
the society in regard to…



Another example of artists change within society is Miley Cyrus. Since
a young age Miley Cyrus has been a performer (Cyrus & Liftin, 2009). Miley broke
out as a Disney star in 2006, becoming a role model in the eyes of many young
girls and teenagers. Years after becoming a Disney star, Miley then brought out
her second album in 2008. She continued to convey her potential, and entered 2009
with a mega pop hit ‘Party in the USA’. According to etoline and other sources,
it was this change that “put distance between Miley & Hannah Montana by
literally reframing Miley’s origin story”. (Ungerman Alex, 2017). The public
then started to question whether Miley was the right role model for their
children, the whole change from Hannah Montana to Miley Cyrus created enormous
complications and debates within the industry. The controversy mainly began
soon after her VMA performance with Robin Thicke, “Miley cyrus just torpedoed
her own career, and MTV helped.” (Bukszpan, 2015).


Her performance with Robin Thicke created a lot of issues. After
having an interview with the BBC, Miley said that it got to a point where, “she
felt sexualised”. (Miley, 2017). She also stated that her whole conversion was
to get the point across to stay true to who you are since a lot of people especially
younger females lose their way, and identity. I think the main debates have stemmed
from the idea of such a change within the artists in the music industry, but I believe
that change within such an icon is vital to many females and young girls, as
everybody goes through the stage of losing their identity at some point in their






Another factor which has
played a huge part within the transformation of Miley Cyrus as an independent
artist was the change within management. In 2013, Larry Rudolph became Miley
Cyrus’ new manager and it was since then Miley became a “showbiz sex-goddess”(Gould
& Owen, 2014). Alongside Miley, Rudolph also managed Britney Spears,
Christina Aguilera as well as Jessica Simpson, this supports that idea that
Rudolph, “specializes in helping performers make transition from child star to
an entertainer” (Goud & Owen, 2014). This has proven to be very evident,
especially with Mileys VMA performance. MTV received thousands of complaints
after Miley’s twerking performance at the awards was a total disaster. Many
parents were disgusted as her performance was aired to over 50 million people including
young fans of Miley, leaving young girls feeling “manipulated and confused”
(Heywood Jo, 2013). It is argued that sexualised pop stars are becoming a huge
threat to children, implying that Miley has had a negative effect upon society.

“Miley Cyrus has a bad influence on her young fans” (Verdnik Janette, 2014). From
appearing half naked on stage, smoking marijuana in front of thousands of
people, and masturbating in front of a large audience, it’s safe to see how the
opinions of many parents can change from how they used to visual Miley as an
icon. One adult spoke out in a recent survey saying, “VMA performance wasn’t on
Disney, it was on MTV if you don’t want your kids to see it, don’t let them
watch it simple.”


 On the other hand, it’s no shock that Miley
Cyrus has changed because that is what happens when you transition from child
to adult, you change and adapt to the environment around you. “it’s not a transit,
it is a movement, it is a growth” (Bozymowski, 2013). Some people hold the
belief that Miley stands up, and supports change. The change between the new
and old Miley happened whilst she was on a career break meaning she wasn’t in
the eye of the public, therefore it can be argued that she wasn’t aware that “younger
children are listening and watching her, she’s not aware that she is handing
over bad moral values to the younger generations” (Verdnik, 2014).


Change doesn’t always have
to be a negative thing, for example Mileys recent transitions at the VMA
performance has led to thousands of articles being published about her. Not
only are the articles a good marketing tool for Miley, “If you’re not doing
something crazy, maybe people aren’t going to be talking about you as much, and
you’re not going to be selling your records” (Corocam, 2013), but they are also
allowing Mileys personal message to get across to her fans and society. “I just
want there to be equality for everybody” (Cyrus, 2016). Miley argues that being
true to who you are is such a huge factor of growing up, and that every female
should be proud of who they are and they should learn to embrace it. Therefore,
such change within the music industry should be a positive effect upon society
as it is encouraging girls to empower love upon themselves, which implies that
Miley is a good role model within society.


In addition to this, Cyrus’s
recent change within the industry is just one example of an artist standing up
and fighting for equal rights. When artists within the music industry stand up
for what they believe in no matter what the issue is, it’s bound to have both a
positive and negative effect upon society as all artists within the industry is
someone’s role model, which is why Miley Cyrus’s change has caused such
controversy within the industry. “you don’t need to adopt all their values and
politics, but use them as a source of inspiration for when you’ve lost your
drive” (Underwood, 2011).


In 2013, a group of men and
women gathered together to discuss the recent actions of Miley Cyrus, and the
effect of what they had upon society. One female stated, “A women’s naked body
is automatically a sexual thing. I don’t like the fact that she’s constantly
getting slut-shamed” (Smalley, 2013). Suggesting that Miley is just an
individual and her actions shouldn’t lead to being shamed.

Miley is being confident in herself, and staying true to who she is. She
is sending out the message to her fans that she is being authentic, not fake. Nevertheless,
this goes to show that such
artist change within the industry is in fact a noble thing, and it does in fact
effects society in a positive way. In support of this, many other women alongside
Smalley stated that “a woman can’t go on stage without it being sexy” (Kelsey,
2013), implying that all women are seen as some sort of sex symbol, which
therefore creates controversy around the whole debate. Questions are then
raised about men, and if a man went on stage and carried out the same actions
as Miley he wouldn’t be labelled as a slag, but instead he would be praised for
his behaviour. Therefore, it just goes to show that men and women are viewed differently.

However, most men and women who were involved in the discussion stated that it
seems to be the, “tendency for girls to grow up under the spotlight to undergo
a stage of hyper sexualisation in order to identify as a woman” (Brown &
Staff, 2013). This implies that Miley and other female artists who have been under
the spotlight since a young age feel the need that they have to over sexualise
themselves to prove their worth, and to actually be seen as an adult in the eye
of the public.


In contrast to this, the
transition between Hannah Montana and Miley, is a way in which she is able to voice
her feminist approach. To be feminist means that an individual believes that
all genders should have equal rights and opportunities. “I’m just about
equality, period”, “It’s not like, I’m a woman, and women should be in charge!
I just want there to be equality for everybody.” (Cyrus, 2013). Yet again she
also makes a similar comment that she is a feminist – “I feel like I’m one of
the biggest feminists in the world because I tell women to not be scared of anything.”
(Cyrus, 2013). This argues the point that society is in need for artists
change, because it if wasn’t for Miley many teenage girls wouldn’t have the confidence
or motivation to stand up for what they believe in. Not only does Miley embrace
confidence, but she also embraces the idea of being independent, to me and many
other young females Miley is a role model, and has had a positive effect upon
society. If you don’t think a role model is someone who stands up for the
rights of a female, and embraces the idea to love yourself and be confident,
then what is a role model?


Some members of the general
public are all for Mileys feminist approach, “she consciously brings important issues
to the forefront.” (Libre, 2013). She embraces sexuality, and encourages not
only her fans but other artists to be true themselves, “I’m not hiding my sexuality,
what I like sexually isn’t going to label me as a person.” (Miley, 2013). From
the secondary research carried out, I have found that the majority of articles
believe that Miley is just being herself, she is speaking her mind, and
embracing the idea of being your own person. “The way people talk about Cyrus,
you’d think they were living in the 1950’s.” (Slater & Telfrord, 2014). Proposing
that Miley isn’t in the wrong, and the media play a huge part in portraying such
a negative side of her. On the other hand, however, more than three quarters of
the general public hold the belief that Miley Cyrus is a bad influence, who has
a bad effect upon society – “78% of British parents don’t want children to be
influences by Miley Cyrus.” (Morgan, 2015). This raises controversial issues on
the idea that the public aren’t always for artists change. Since Cyrus became
such a public figure, concerns have been raised about the way in which women
are perceived. “Sexuality have led to concerns about the portrayal of women In
the U.S culture”. (Brown & White, 2013). This clearly implies that such
change within the music industry has had an overall negative effect upon
society, no wonder that there are such concerns around the idea that Miley
Cyrus is a bad role model.



It’s not just females who we have seen take a drastic change
within the music industry, take Justin Bieber for example. Bieber has changed
from being this cute little innocent child who uploaded original songs onto YouTube,
to becoming a sex god. “Justin Bieber has changed his life around, going from
hard-partying teen who got into trouble with the law to hit-making A lister.”
(Jones, 2016). Many articles surrounding both Cyrus and Bieber state that both changes
are due to social media, “Social media has changed the industry and opened it
up to budding artists.” (Fazakerley, 2013). The whole concept of using social
media and streaming sites have played a huge impact on changing the way that
brands and musicians are portrayed. This has had the effect on providing
careers for such artists, YouTube for instance has enabled Justin Bieber to be
one of the biggest male icons within the music industry all because of one
singular streaming site. Conversely, despite such positive change within technology
achieving such fame for certain artists can prove to be difficult at times, as
remaining true to yourself in the eye of the public can be tough which does
have an overall effect on society. Bieber stated that, “achieving fame before
adulthood is the toughest thing in the world.” No wonder artists turn to drugs,
and rebrand themselves as a completely different person, wouldn’t you if you
were constantly being watched? Having a camera in your face 24hours can not
only change your persona, but it can also have an effect upon your mental
health and change the way in which you perceive things. Being a part of such change
within the music industry is a very difficult for all artists, Bieber speaks
out, “I felt lost, and would tell myself that I’m not good enough”. No wonder
artists such as Bieber and Miley went through the phases of such change, change
is such an important factor of finding out who you are, and being able to stay
true to yourself.