Celcom the nation. Commit to 10.6 million subscribers, it

Celcom is Malaysia’s
leading and the most accomplished mobile telecommunication company that has the
largest coverage in the nation. Commit to 10.6 million subscribers, it mainly
provides prepaid and postpaid services for their users. Celcom also expanding
the company in content and Value Added Services (VAS), enterprise solutions,
bulk wholesale services, digital services and machine-to-machine (M2M)
solutions. (Berhad, Sustainability & National Contribution Report, 2016)

With 95% of the
population for the 2G network, 90% for the 3G network, and 90% for 4G/LTE
network, it shows that Celcom has the largest network in Malaysia. In order to
maintain their position as the country’s leading mobile telecommunication
company, Celcom continues to contribute to network coverage, capacity, and

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One of its
contributions to the country is talent development where Celcom granted 3,687
direct jobs in 2016. There are about 44% of employees are women and during the
year, Celcom bounded six graduate management trainees as one of its goals to
honour young people who have skills to develop in the economy. Other than that,
Celcom also indirectly employed 34,900 jobs through its suppliers, and 7, 622
jobs through its capital investments.

Their effort to develop
talent in Malaysia is established through Axiata Young Talent Programme (AYTP),
which it provides training to youths at different stages of development. Celcom
also partners with education authorities such as the MoHE to conduct training
classes on selected topics. In 2016, Celcom collaborated with MoHE to develop
greater entrepreneurship in university students by providing workshops as well
as by providing distribution access through its e-commerce platform 11Street.
(Berhad, Sustainability & National Contribution Report, 2016)

Celcom is also one of
the participants of the Government’s SL1M programme, which it is built to
provide fresh graduates with practical working experience. The selected
trainees will be given exposure in various aspects of the business. Those who
stood out during the programme may be offered full-time employment once it is

Other than that, Celcom
also assists local industry progress in Local Partner Development Programme
(LPDP) and its Vendor Development Programme (VDP). The LPDP focuses on evolving
Bumiputera vendors and VDP takes part in helping Malaysian vendors. Through
this programmes, it helps vendors to compete with each other by giving guidance
and opportunities in the industry. Celcom also manages advance programmes for
its business through Business Development Programme.

Celcom also broadens its connectivity to less
developed areas as they want to improve the quality of the network to make it
easier for people to access and also pocket-friendly
to buy and this includes rural areas.