Career progression routes include: Ø FE (further education) this

Career progression
routes include:

FE (further
education) this is the secondary school education that one can get by finishing
their secondary school, they might be awarded with awards, certificates,
diplomas and other vocational, competency-based qualifications through awarding
organizations including Edexcel (BTEC) , these qualification
can help in pursuing a Higher Education career which will then then open doors
for jobs after getting degree in university, this will lead to the application
of career depending on what you did in University. Qualification have a big
advantage in career progression because they will make a degree holder have a
better job and pursue the career.

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 Apprenticeships, is a system of training a
new generation of practitioners of a trade or profession with
on the job training and often some accompanying study (classroom work and
reading). Apprenticeship also enables practitioners to gain a license to
practice in a regulated profession. This will help an inexperience being
to gain more experience at hand since it’s on job training, it will help
someone be good at what they are doing and gain experience, for different types
of jobs.

experience is any experience a person gains while working in a specific
field or occupation, this is one of the vital things required when someone
applies for a job, the amount of work experience you have is key in deciding
your first job and starting salary, since most hotels require people with work experience
for higher job title. Having work experience will give you a true picture of
the Hospitality industry, valuable experience for your CV, prove your
dedication to your next employer, understanding of your strengths and
weaknesses, a potential job.

progression routes e.g. from commis chef to head chef, from waiter to maître d’

Means of progression

Promotions help
with career progression, for example, If a commis chef has been working in god
faith and is more than good for that job title, he can be promoted to a banquet
chef which is a much higher rank than where he was this is because of
experience and being good at what you do, this will really progress someone’s

 Applications, well written application
attract employer or the human resource department which deals with the
recruiting of applicants, this will help candidates get recruited and start
their careers.