Cancer can divide and they don’t stop which forms

Cancer is when abnormal cells grow in the human body and start spreading. These cells are cancer cells. Cancer cells can grow and divide to form something called a tumour. Cancer can start almost anywhere in the human body and the human body is made up of trillions of cells. What normally happens is that human cells grow and divide to make new cells. When cells get old or damaged new cells take their place. When cancer develops this process breaks down, old cells don’t die and new cells are made when they aren’t needed. These cells can divide and they don’t stop which forms a tumour. Cancer is a genetic disease that can also be inherited.Cancer cells can evade the immune system in our body, organs, tissues, and more. The immune system might be able to remove damaged cells or abnormal cells but cancer cells can “hide”. Cancer cells continue to divide and they never stop which is why they are “uncontrollable”. Cancer cells are able to avoid the signal that tells them to stop dividing so they keep on making more cells. A lot of cancers form solid tumours.If you were wondering what chemotherapy is, it can be very useful during cancer. The point of chemotherapy is to slow the growth of cancer cells because you can’t stop cancer cells. The side effects of chemotherapy is that you experience more vomiting, diarrhea and you become nauseous. This is because cells lining in your stomach can be affected by chemo. Hair follicles have cells that can be affected by chemo so this results to hair loss sometimes. Chemotherapy attacks cancer cells but sometimes they can attack healthy cells. The common causes of cancer are smoking and tobacco which is bad for your lungs, chemicals, radiations, or viruses and other infections. One third of all people in the US will get cancer and anyone can get cancer at any age however the older you get the higher the chances. 5% to 10% of cancers are linked to genes inherited from parents.  Cancer is not contagious meaning you can’t just catch it from somebody else who has it. Cancer can’t be prevented currently but you can do things to reduce the chances of getting it.This is the end of my report on cancer, I hope you have learned more about cancer and maybe you could teach someone else about it too. Hopefully in the future someone can find a cure for cancer because it kills people and ruins lives.