Business with the processes affecting the business. This also

continuity as well as disaster recovery planning involves processes that assist
the company to get ready for any event that can be disruptive where the
research that some, or even most of the business are not prepared for the
specific disasters. Only about 26% of the companies have the plans for these disastrous
events as implied by the statement “Many
businesses are not adequately prepared for the hazards and/or incidents that
imperil their operations” (Bethany, 2014, abstract para.1). Those events
can be natural such as the hurricanes or just power issues. The involvement of
the management in the process can provide a range of support from overviewing
the plan for the support provided and exercising the plan in case of emergency.
On the other flip side, disaster recovery involves a process where a business
resumes after an event that was disruptive, for example, accidental loss,
theft, and resignation of the employees. The plan of the business continuity,
on the other hand, gives an extended comprehensive approach that keeps the
business on, even during the events of smaller calamities.


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the business continuity together with the disaster recovery the plans entail
how there will be communication in the way that the business will keep going
on. Some of the issues include logistics of the supply chain and analysis of
the business impact that involves the identification of the most important
systems together with the processes affecting the business. This also determines
 whether there is connection between the
business principle and the planning for the incidence (Bethany, 2014, abstract
para.1). Quick restoration of the business depends on how much money the
company has planned to use. Risk assessment defines the responsibility of the
plans of key business progression,  the
given risks to the availability, and prioritizing the recovery. The plan is
also entitled to the explanation of the unavailability that is to be handled in
the recovery.


plans involve a special consideration of the confidentiality. The recovery
plans contain the strategies that aim at bringing the company back to its
normal working states, though important predictors with negative impact have no
impact on the company (Corey, 2011, p.1). These documents of recoveries are
entitled only to the company not unless the there is a case of reciprocal
agreement where another company pledges to assist the befallen company. In this
case, privacy requires attention as the company that is damaged finds itself in
a weak position and therefore, the assisting company should be trusted with the
company’s information. These documents are critical to a company and can be
very dangerous in the hand of the competitor.


plans contain various information and strategies that are essential to the
company in terms of business growth. The plan identifies the potential scandals
that may affect the business, for example rating done by managers to determine
the level of distraction by the events such as storms. This study was done by
managers from the 183 of surviving companies in the areas of Greater New
Orleans according to (Corey, 2011, p.1). It also contains how the company plans
to reduce the risk of the disasters taking place. The plan also states how the
company will react to the crises. When the competitors access the information
of the company’s recovery plan, financial damage will follow up. The
competitors will be in a position to use the information to enhance the risk of
the company facing the crisis. Through this, the befallen company spends a lot
of money in stabilizing the business from the constant crises. When another
company accesses the recovery plans, they control the potential of the crisis
that has been identified and through this, the given organization’s plan may
not work efficiently (Jan, 2012, Para. 7). Through this, the company business
goes at a mess and end up making great loses in the process.

to meet objectives

order to achieve the objective of the company, it needs to carry out some of
the crucial activities that manage the running of the business  (Bethany, 2014, p. 27). Assessing some of the
possible effects of the risks of the business will help to identify the kind of
business activities that in everyday, business operation. The objectives are
met through maximizing the potential effect of confidentiality of the
documentation belonging to the company. Thus, this is very important as the
company depends on this in its plans.

the confidential document

documents of a company are always important and should be secured from external
access (Bethany, 2014, p. 22). Some ways of protecting these documents include;
limiting the access of the document to the relevant members of the organization
only Another way of protection involves adding confidentiality policy on the
handbook of the employee and avoiding the examination of the employees who are
departing. Notification of the new employees, on the obligations and the
confidentiality of the company documents also enhances the privacy of the



companies have distinctive approaches to business continuity and the disaster
recovery. Some of the companies handle the processes as separate entities, whereas
some companies focus on all the two as the continuous process. These plans in
general play a great role in maintaining the business of a given company. The
confidentiality and the availability of the plans play the fundamental function
in the management of the disaster in a company.