Bullying more rage and less control on their selves.

Bullying is a natural phenomenon which
shows the dominance characteristic of a person. It affects every one, the one
who is being bullied to one who is bullying. The outcomes of bullying are quiet
negative including mental trauma, physical abuse and sometimes even suicidal
attempts. It is very important to counsel those kids before they take some
serious steps (“The
Effects of Bullying on Children in School | LIVESTRONG.COM,” n.d.). On 3rd
of July, 2007 In Malaysia a commission report was submitted regarding incidents
of school bullying in recent times in which it was reported that – “It
became a major cause of concern for Malaysian government. The most tragic
bullying incident which shook the whole region was cruel killing of a 16 year
old kid by his seniors during ragging in 2005. Now cases like this raised
public concern about violence in Malaysian schools.”- (UNICEF Malaysia Communications, 2007).

Kids who are bullied experience negative
psychological and mental issues. They lack behind in their studies and they
don’t really indulge in the social gatherings. They feel depression and become
victims of loneliness.(“Effects
of Bullying,” 2012) They feel that they have no
friends and they become sad which is really bad for their future. They lose
interest in enjoyable activities. They might experience some health issues as
well as bullying can affect their eating and sleeping habits. Bullying can
affect their class indulgence which might reduce their class performance.
Bullying leave impacts on someone’s psychology and personality which go a long
way in his life so proper addressing to student problems is very critical.

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Bullying affects even those kids who
bully others. It enhances their dominance animalistic characteristics which
develops the urge to fight, abuse and indulge in criminal activities. Kids who
bully others in their school life have trouble mature life. They tend to have
more rage and less control on their selves. They marital life gets disturbed
due to their hot headiness. They also lose interest in their studies because of
these activities and they become abusive and less obedient.

Bullying often links to suicide. Kids
who cannot endure the pressure of bullying and get no support from their
parents or teachers lose hope and end their lives. It is quiet tragic and sad,
and must be addressed by the school administration and parents. Best way to
counter this problem is counseling both parties, the one who bully and the one
who is bullied.